Acupuncture Jacksonville analgesia is a fairly uncomplicated process without the need of any drugs.  Needles are inserted and manipulated to enable a loss of sensation in the involved area where an operation is to be done.  The professional enabling the acupuncture analgesia manipulates the needles with his hand or with an electric gadget in a way to produce and analgesic effect in the desired site.  Acupuncture analgesia is a proven safe, potent and fairly easy process, usually utilized on elderly people who are extremely sensitive to anesthesia.  It is efficiently used as a type of anesthesia for brain surgery and unlike conventional anesthesia does not produce drowsiness or sleepiness – the patient is awake and alert enabling the surgeon to precisely analyze the consequences of cutting into any area of the brain, which is impossible to do with conventional anesthesia.  Another benefit of acupuncture analgesia is it prevents the patient from experiencing any post-operative symptoms such as vertigo, nausea, abdominal enlargement or any other side effects. The patient is usually strong enough to be out of bed soon post operation.  The patient also is able to eat food and recover quickly after operation; something that conventional anesthesia is incapable of doing.  A patient about to be given acupuncture analgesia should be in a calm and relaxed mode.  He/she is informed of the surgical process allowing him/her to know what to expect.  A nervous or apprehensive patient should not be given acupuncture analgesia since the effect will work feebly on this type of patient.

Presently, more than a million patients have experienced surgery with acupuncture analgesia.  Incredibly, even open-heart surgery procedures avail of acupuncture analgesia.  The chest is opened and the patient feels no pain whatsoever during the whole procedure.  Acupuncture analgesia is so popular that many types of operations avail of this treatment.  It is commonly used for surgeries in the chest, neck and head.  It fails in surgeries to the abdomen due to stomach stretching which occurs during operation.  Some surgeries where acupuncture analgesia is used are tonsillectomy, extraction of teeth, eye surgery, particularly surgery to remove cataracts, operations on the head and brain, thyroid operations, operations to the chest for biopsy of the lung, open-heart surgeries, operations to remove the gall bladder and the spleen.  It is used for hysterectomies and repair of fractures of the femur.  Acupuncture analgesia is so safe it is used for painless birth deliveries.  Added to its benefit of enabling painless childbirths is the mitigation of the labor pains and its ability to lessen the length of labor by increasing the expansion of the cervix. The expectant mother lies comfortably and since there is no pain felt, she has the strength to cooperate fully and do procedures that will allow the child to be born quickly and relatively easily.