Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been helping children live healthy lives for thousands of years.  TCM is a very safe, effective alternative treatment for children.  It can be a capable form of treatment for acute and chronic conditions and is a perfect type of pediatric medicine.  TCM, specifically pediatric TCM specializes in children’s health and a practitioner who heals children will have done specialized studies of pediatric TCM.  Common pediatric health issues for which pediatric TCM is known to effectively treat are respiratory problems such as flu and colds, asthma and pneumonia among others.  For digestive problems, pediatric TCM can treat stomach disorders, constipation, vomiting, diarrhea and teething to mention a few.  TCM can cure sleeping disorders, hyperactivity, dyslexia and difficulties in learning.  Pediatric TCM can enhance the emotional health of the child.  It raises a child’s spirit, makes him easily disposed to joy and gives the child vigor and vitality.  Pediatric TCM can help children grow up properly and help them adjust through the many changes they will encounter in their young lives.  When consulting with an acupuncturist for the first time, the acupuncturist will first physically examine the child.  The acupuncturist will then talk to the child and parent regarding the symptoms suffered by the child.  The first visit takes typically 30-45 minutes long.  After hearing the child’s complaint, the acupuncture Miami through observing, querying and listening can gather enough information to determine a diagnosis according to the tenets of pediatric TCM.  After diagnosis, the acupuncturist will decide what best treatment plan to give the child.  Treatment may be with acupuncture solely or acupuncture combined with other complementary modalities to ensure that optimal treatment benefits the child.

Usually pediatric acupuncture treatments last for a short time.  Fine needles are introduced at certain parts of the child’s body.  Children often instantly feel the effect of the treatment.  They usually feel a sense of comfort and relaxation and many begin to feel better immediately.  Some acupuncturists have observed that acupuncture treatment for children younger than 7 years of age is rarely given because acupuncture has a very powerful effect on younger children as they are usually very sensitive at those ages.  Older children usually are more resilient and have developed a stronger body to tolerate the effects of acupuncture.  Furthermore, their health and ailment patterns are clearly delineated and developed at those ages. These children are better able to handle the potent effects of acupuncture.  Still, the acupuncturist needs caution and prudence when dealing with children of all ages since children react to acupuncture treatment in different ways.  Acupuncture needles are regulated and approved by United States Food and Drug Association and are classified as medical tools.  All acupuncturists are mandated to use sterilized and disposable needles to prevent infection and contamination.