Infertility can also be a problem for the male species.  Due to factors like stress, chemicals, such as Bisphenol A, foods such as fast foods and sodas and exposure to harmful radiation can greatly affect sperm production and male virility.  For over 50 years, sperm counts have been dropping at an alarming rate.  Male infertility is a significant problem because about 50% of all fertility problems are attributed to male-related issues.

Male infertility can be manifested in low sperm count, irregular sperm shape and size, reduced sperm motility and unnatural liquefaction of semen. Unhealthy lifestyle, acquired genetic abnormality and physiological factors can also greatly affect a man’s power to engender life.  Acupuncture Miami and Chinese herbal medicine have a lot to offer couples in their search for answers to their infertility.  Studies throughout the year have reinforced the validity of acupuncture in increasing the number of sperm cells, in producing normal and healthy sperm cells and in reducing male impotency.

Acupuncture works on the theory that a life force called chi or qi is the energy force that makes a human body alive and grow.  It is also the force that helps the human body reproduce.  Chi circulates throughout the body along energy pathways called meridians. The normal and unhindered flow of chi is essential for health and the stagnation or blockage of this flow signifies sickness and disease of the body. Acupuncture restores normal and unhindered chi flow removing any blockage in the meridians and returning the body to a state of relative balance. According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the holistic treatment of the male’s body and mind will result in better health, or in this case, better sperm output and quality.  TCM not only advocates acupuncture as a solution to male infertility.  It also encourages the person to adopt a healthier, less stressful lifestyle to prevent infertility issues from occurring.  Acupuncture treatment for infertility usually includes herbal medicine therapy to better enhance the treatment outcome.  TCM also encourages the person to take vitamins, minerals and antioxidants everyday to keep the body as healthy as possible.

Proper nutrition such as eating organic, non-salty and less greasy foods is encouraged.  The maintenance of a proper body weight helps male virility.  One of the biggest causes of male infertility is extreme stress.  Stress can be experienced not only in work but in relationships, as well.  For males, having a difficult and complicated relationship with one’s partner can cause large damage to the male’s sexual drive and performance.  Male-female relationships are one of the most stressful relationships for both sexes.  Experiencing acupuncture therapy can help the body and mind manage situations that are stressful.  Acupuncture therapy is very relaxing to the body and to the mind and usually people come out of this treatment fully refreshed and relaxed.