One of the contributions of the proud and great history of the Chinese people is a book called the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, which dates back as far back as 100 BCE. This book includes a conversation about acupuncture between the Chinese emperor and Chi Po, his minister. The emperor asked his minister several tedious questions regarding the various techniques involving the control of the chi or life and needles. The questions were patiently answered by the minister based on the healing traditions that were handed down to him by his ancestors. This remarkable document is where acupuncture was first mentioned. Acupuncture is a Chinese healing method that has now gained wide acceptance as a legitimate form of healing all over the world.

Acupuncture comes from two words: “acu,” which means needle and “puncture,” which means piercing. Acupuncture, as with all other healing systems of ancient medicine, works on the theory that each person has a life energy within his body and this energy can be accessed and controlled through various points in the body known as acupuncture points (or just acupoints). Acupuncture follows a system that is very much like the chakra system, which also deals with certain energy rich areas or chakras in the body.

Even among other alternative medicine practices, acupuncture is quite unique. For one, it requires a good understanding of both holistic healing and modern medicine. Extensive knowledge and practice is required to be able to identify and determine the areas in the body where imbalances occur and precisely select those areas for needling. One other accomplishment of acupuncture is that it has gained the respect of a lot of member of the western medical community. In a lot of universities and medical institutions in the world, acupuncture has been acknowledged as a full-fledged academic course.

Acupuncture’s biggest strength rests on a couple of things: the treatment’s gradual development over the ages, and the many intensive studies done on the approaches of energy balance and the acupoints.

Why Do Healers All Over The World Trust Acupuncture?

You’ll be surprised at how fairly simple it is to understand the theory behind acupuncture. At all times, Chi flows through our organs and limbs, but when an energy disturbance or blockage occurs in the channel where Chi flows, pain arises in that channel and/or the body becomes unwell. To remove this blockage, an acupuncturist needs to determine where the blockage exactly is, he then inserts needles at a certain angle to the affected area, which leads to a successful rebalancing of the patient’s chi.

Needles Can Lead To Amazing Medical Results

Extremely famous for its ability to repair all kinds of painful neurological conditions, acupuncture in Saratoga Springs has cured countless individuals of fits, paralysis, and strokes; it aids in reorganizing frayed nerves within a stunningly short period of time and can treat depression and other severe forms psychiatric disorders.

The power of acupuncture has also been recruited to overcome the most common yet deadly diseases of the lungs, kidneys, heart, and stomach. Major heart failure problems, asthma and other breathing conditions, and gastro-intestinal issues of varying degrees as well as the vital organs that are the most vulnerable to energy disruptions can all be appropriately diagnosed and treated by a qualified and licensed acupuncturist. The ancient Chinese healers and acupuncturists definitely thought of everything when they gathered the various systems of acupuncture to treat each one of these organ dysfunctions.

When it comes to infertility problems, acupuncture has miraculously cured a large number of sufferers. Some of them have fertility problems caused by certain chi disturbances; acupuncture has been proven to work well against these issues.

Important Things to Consider

Acupuncture treatment should only performed by a licensed and qualified practitioner. This is to avoid and injuries, accidents, or infections, which can most likely happen when you are treated by an unlicensed and unqualified practitioner.

Also, you need to meet with the acupuncturist beforehand and ask them a few important questions about their credentials and experience to know whether the practitioner is the person that can best address your needs.