Linwood Acupuncture for the treatment of infertility has shown to be a very effective option indeed for many people.  For those who intend to avail of the costly assisted reproductive technologies in the market today, it is worth your while knowing how acupuncture can help individuals overcome their fertility problems at a fraction of the cost of these technologies.  Acupuncture is universally recognized as a wonderful Chinese remedy that uses reed-thin needles inserted at certain parts in the body to treat various kinds of conditions including infertility and pregnancy problems.

The idea of acupuncture is grounded on the flow of energy or chi in the body.  Traditional acupuncturists believe that good health is only achieved when the natural flow of balanced energy exists in the body.  When chi stagnates or is blocked along the energy vessels that carry it, then pains and diseases arise.  Acupuncture is then needed to remove the blockage and restore the smooth flow of energy to attain harmony and balance and therefore good health to the body once more.  The natural flow of chi means a normal and natural fertility cycle enhancing the chances to attain successful fertilization and conception.

Research into infertility treatment with acupuncture shows that acupuncture can greatly increase the chances of a female attaining pregnancy within a month or two.  Several approaches are available for infertility treatment with acupuncture.  The acupuncturist needs to determine what type of infertility problem the patient has before choosing one or more types of treatment.  The acupuncturist needs to know whether the person has fertility problems such as fallopian tube blockage, frequent miscarriages, ovulation disorder, low sperm count or poor egg quality among others.

For couples unwilling to spend a fortune on specialized infertility therapies, acupuncture is the best option by far.  The treatment although done with needles is not painful when done by a licensed and well-trained acupuncturist.  The depth of the insertion is just a few millimeters or less.  The needles are as thin as reed and non-hollow so that their insertion is relatively pain-free.  Acupuncture for the treatment of infertility is very safe and always effective.  The insertion points for infertility treatment are in the ears, fingertips, eyelids, earlobes and eyebrows.  The needles are allowed to remain in the body for 45 minutes.  Typically a whole acupuncture treatment for infertility requires 4 sessions to be effective.

Acupuncture has many approaches.  Some of the more popular ones are ear, electric/electronic, moxibustion and manual treatments. Ear treatments are more geared for the treatment of hormone disorders which make fertility conditions difficult to obtain.  Before embarking on acupuncture treatment, always talk to your OB/GYN to see if acupuncture is best for you.  Still, because it is totally safe and truly effective, acupuncture can be used by anyone seeking solutions for their fertility problems.