Acupuncture West Orange has been proven to lessen the symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS) sufferers and thus give those sufferers some kind of control over their lives.  MS is a major disease that affects the central nervous system.  The disease targets myelin which is made up of proteins and lipid fats and insulates the axon of nerve cells or neurons. When the myelin is weakened the nerve signals that travel between the body and the brain and vice versa are disrupted or severely weakened.  The result is a wide number of symptoms that depend on what nerves are affected.  The symptoms such as motor control and loss of balance can become so severe that the patient can become wheelchair bound.  Additionally the patient may also suffer from bowel and bladder incontinence.  This can take an emotional toll on the patient and may lead to a feeling of helplessness, self pity and depression.  Sadly there is no known cure for MS at the moment nor is the etiology of the disease known.

MS may probably come from the consequences of modern living since 30 years ago in China there was no such disease that existed then.   When MS cases started appearing, pollution and the extreme stress of living in a modern environment were blamed for the rise of MS.  There is still no conclusive proof of how MS began or started to occur in the body.   Since MS is a relatively new type of disease, traditional Chinese medicine still is trying to search for modalities to treat the disease although without knowledge of the origin of the disease, the search may take a long time before it bears fruit.  Acupuncture is used for MS cases to provide significant relief from the painful and distressful symptoms of MS and to help the patient manage the disease so that it can enjoy some kind of meaningful existence and joy in living.  Many MS patients have attained these goals.  Acupuncture for MS management is often combined with gentle exercises and diet control.

MS patients who have used acupuncture have shown improvement in pain relief and in the lessening of spasticity.  They also showed a marked improvement in bowel and bladder control. They have a lower stress level and are able to manage their condition in a way that makes their life more enjoyable and much more tolerable.  For MS, acupuncture therapy is frequently given to maintain the improvement of health.

Some acupuncturists cite the release of peptides and endorphins stimulated by acupuncture to reduce the stress and symptoms of MS as reasons patients experience a rare feeling of well being.  Whatever therapeutic effect the treatment causes to help better the condition of MS patients, acupuncture is seen to be a wonderful option for lessening the impact of MS symptoms since no other conventional treatment is available that can offer the MS patient what acupuncture can give.