There is no substitute for a healthy lifestyle to properly take care of your body and your health.  The absence of cigarette smoking in a person’s life gives him a strong immune system and an overall healthy body compared to cigarette smokers.  Cigarette smoking does weaken the immune system which paves the way for the easy infiltration of diseases into the smoker’s body.  Abstaining from cigarette smoking is always a good advice on how to be healthy and resilient to illness and disease.  The inhaled smoke from a cigarette brings with it toxins you may not even know existed in the tobacco.  They go straight to your lungs and bloodstream blocking the bronchial airways and clogging them up and spreading toxins from the smoke throughout your body via the circulatory system.  A smoker will never last a long time playing physically demanding sports like basketball, running or tennis.

Acupuncture Spokane has for thousands of years been known to treat addictions of all kinds.  It is also effective in treating nicotine addiction which chronic cigarette smoking actually is all about.  Nicotine is the substance that activates the release of endorphins in the body.  Endorphins are the body’s “feel-good” chemicals and when released into the bloodstream generates a very pleasant and euphoric sensation.  This is why cigarette smoking is highly addictive.  Conventional medical treatments use nicotine patches or gums to wean the person out of his cigarette smoking habit.  The idea for this kind of treatment is once the cigarette smoking stops, the patches or gums are little by little weaned off the person until the person has been cleansed of every bit of nicotine residue from his body.  Some have successfully been able to permanently get rid of their nicotine addiction with this kind of treatment while for others, the patches and gums have been ineffective.

Acupuncture works to stop cigarette smoking by replacing nicotine that releases endorphins in the body.  The needles actually have the ability to stimulate the production and release endorphins rendering the intake of nicotine totally unnecessary.  The best part of this treatment is that acupuncture also treats the conditions created by cigarette smoking, namely a weak immune system, blocked respiratory blockages and toxicity among others.  Acupuncture corrects imbalances in the organs affected y cigarette smoking which thus bring these organs to normal health and returns the body to a much healthier state.

Acupuncture improves the function of the kidneys and liver which help cleanse the body of the toxins from the cigarettes.  The immune function is reinforced helping clear the infiltrates that block the respiratory passageways allowing the lungs to breathe and function healthily once more.  The nicotine in the body is cleansed from the bloodstream and the needles provide the endorphins that give the body the rest and comfort it needs to fight stress, depression and anxiety often experienced in modern daily living.