Bellmore Acupuncture is a very popular treatment for both male and female infertility.  Male virility can be likewise improved with a combination of herbs and acupuncture.  Virility is synonymous with male fertility and libido.  Unfortunately, the uses of chemicals that negatively affect the hormonal system of the male have led to a growing trend of male infertility around the world for the past 50 years.  This problem has given rise to many types of treatment that deal with it.

Acupuncture has been a treatment form that has addressed male infertility for thousands of years.  Pollution brought about by industrial waste especially petroleum based pollution have greatly lowered sperm production among men worldwide.  The level of pollution actually correlates to the rate of sperm production in certain areas.  A 2006 study confirmed this showing that tollgate workers who work in light traffic conditions have a relative higher number of sperm count than those tollgate workers working in highways where there is heavy traffic.

Alcoholism and smoking are great factors that can lead to male impotency.  Modern technology has lead us to be exposed to very harmful radiation such as TSA scanners, x-rays and the radiation background from computers and computer monitors.  Sperm DNA is often damaged by these technologies.  Even the food we eat can affect male fertility.  A research in 2006 showed that organic farmers eating their own produce have twice the sperm count of men who get their food from groceries and supermarkets.  These foods are laden with hormones, steroids, pesticides and fertilizers that carry even carcinogenic materials.  Very stressful environments also can lead to low male fertility.

Acupuncture treatment for male infertility is a great treatment option especially for those men suffering from infertility due to unknown causes.   Abundant studies throughout the years have consistently shown acupuncture to increase sperm quality and quantity.

Male infertility is most often the result of deficient kidney chi.  The Chinese believe that the kidney is a very important organ that governs sex and reproduction.  The yin of the kidney is weak which causes weakness in the water or fluid functions of the body.  Semen thus becomes deficient due to deficient kidney yin.  Acupuncture together with herbal supplements need to be applied to replenish the deficient kidney yin.  A yang deficient Kidney can also lead to male infertility since yang energy makes the body active.  If the yang of the kidney is weak sperm motility is also weak.  Herbs are often used to replenish kidney yang.

Acupuncture is a really good treatment for male infertility.  Still if you live a lifestyle that is stressful and unhealthy, your infertility problem might just keep coming back.  It is best to kick the habit of alcohol drinking, cigarette smoking and drugs and to eat a healthy and balanced diet to remain virile and fertile all your life.