Classified as a mental disorder, depression is also considered a natural human condition. It is a complex and profound sadness that causes the sufferer to ask existential questions such as “What is the purpose of my life?”, “Why did such and such things happen to me?”, and “Will things ever change for the better?” Depression is experienced uniquely by each person but conventional medicine ignores this fact and so manufactures a “one-drug-treats-all” form of treatment known as antidepressants. Depression, in Western medicine, is a general term to encapsulate the different nuances of sadness in people’s experiences. Although this diagnosis may often seem almost impossible to change, depressed patients often show a small window of willingness to grow and change in order to discover meaning and joy in their lives once more.

Patients who use acupuncture as a way to resolve depression are closely observed by their practitioner in order to determine their unique constitution. There is more to a person’s depression than meets the eye. He/she may be suffering from other illnesses related to immune dysfunction, fatigue, pain, or digestion. The person may have a parent or a child that is sick or may have a highly stressful job. The underlying factors may differ from person to person. What was helpful for a patient one week ago may not necessarily be what he or she needs today. Emotions and feelings can ebb and flow and so the techniques used for treatment can differ as well. All these factors are considered for the selection of a proper treatment plan to help the patient through the darkness and heaviness experienced due to the depression.

Ancient Chinese doctors were aware that the human body can be better understood by observing principles in Nature and health conditions can be addressed by using Nature’s own healing principles. The universe has substances that are found in the human body and these substances are classified into the elements of Wood, Fire, Metal, Earth, and Water. Western science sees living things as made up of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon. We are in essence made up as the same elements and molecules as those found in rivers, trees and the stars. From the smallest cells to the largest organs, everything in our body can be categorized by its elemental nature.

Understanding the patterns that nature follow can provide us with an insight of the patterns of depression. The element of fire in us is what makes us want to reach out and forge relationships. Connecting with others by eye contact or even flirting using one’s body is an action generated in us by our internal Fire element. When this element is deficient, it will show in our eyes. The eyes may be a bit shade drawn or look away to avoid eye contact with others. They may be shifty and unfocused. The deficiency of Fire element can show itself as separateness, indifference, and isolation.

For people who are Metal deficient, the pattern of disharmony is quite different from that of Fire deficiency. The season of autumn is associated with the metal element. When metal element is lacking in the body, the person has difficulty letting go and what needs to be released in order grow and mature isn’t released. Autumn is that time of year when nature lets go. Trees lose their leaves to conserve their energy to survive the winter and wait for the regenerative season of spring. People need to also experience changes in their lives even if these changes are painful and hard to do. What may seem precious needs to be discarded since it is no longer helpful for the person’s own growth. Also, energy is lost and depleted when we continue to hold on the past. Of course letting go is hard to do particularly if the thing or person is or was a precious part of your life. But to experience the fullness of life once more, you need to let go.

Acupuncture can assist with the facilitation of the process of letting go. Certain acupuncture points are selected to help make it easy for the person to let go. The process then becomes a quick one as the person begins to trust his/her own judgment of “doing the right thing.” Acupuncture helps rectify the Fire or Metal deficiency making the person whole and rekindling the fire of joy into the person’s heart once more. He/she need no longer depend of solace and comfort in others even if they are willingly offered to him/her. The internal Fire becomes healthy enough for it to radiate externally and thus comfortably warm others.

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