Combined with insomnia, palpitations are a common complaint that can be resolved at the clinic of a Cleveland licensed acupuncturist. Underlying this condition is usually Blood deficiency and Heart Qi deficiency. The presence of these two differential diagnostics will necessitate the use of Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture for an effective solution to the problem. Arrhythmias usually happen in this situation and Chinese medicine is one very effective way to reduce or resolve heart beat irregularities, insomnia, and palpitations. The arrhythmias usually are much easier to treat when they are irregularly irregular. This simply means that a heart beat that is irregular and one that has no distinct pattern is a much easier problem to resolve than an irregular heart beat with a predictable rhythmic pattern.

Healthy people are not immune to heart palpitations more so when they are under anxiety, stress, or fright. Alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine can also be contributing factors that can cause palpitations albeit temporarily; it also not uncommon for women to experience palpitations when they are pregnant. Individuals may sense palpitations as heartbeats that are excessively forceful way or as heartbeats that are as rapid. Palpitations may also be experienced as skipped beats and may seem to originate from the neck, throat, or chest. Treatment may be urgently needed when recurrent episodes are felt or if the palpitations are accompanied by syncope, chest pain, or dizziness.

Palpitations are classified by traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) based on a number of conditions. They usually manifest as Fire and Blood and Qi deficiency due to Yin deficiency and disturbance of the shen. Blood and Qi deficiency affecting the heart can lead to palpitations. The heart can be damaged by constitutional weakness, chronic diseases, and loss of blood. Shen is disturbed because of fright and may came with by pathogenic influences stomach disorders, phlegm fire rising, anger, depression, and heat with internal phlegm. Too much thinking can weaken the Spleen and Heart and damage the normal production of Blood and Qi. Too much sexual activity and chronic disease may deplete the Kidney Yin and result in the inability of Water to balance with Fire. This causes Heart Fire to flame upward and disrupt the shen. Stagnation of Dirty water can develop during palpitations. Deficiency in Kidney Yang and chronic Spleen usually lead to pathological fluid retention that can also result in palpitations.

Using Chinese herbs and acupuncture to resolve underlying harmonies that cause palpitations, acupuncturists treat specific acupoints including the DU 20, HT 5, HT 7 (Shenmen point), P 7, and the P 6 points. One-inch needles are used to stimulate the meridians underneath these points to elicit a light reaction. The needles are then left in their place for a minimum of five to ten minutes. Licensed acupuncturists are trained to stimulate a deqi response in patients. They have a deep working knowledge of Qi Gong and the Qi flow through the energy pathways of the body.