Pulmonary fibrosis is the thickening and scarring of lung tissue and is a longstanding or chronic disease. The healthy lung tissue is replaced with scar tissue causing the lungs to harden and swell. It becomes more and more hard to breathe as the condition worsens. Pulmonary fibrosis can come about due to a number of factors including radiation therapies, lung disease, and airborne toxin exposure. Acupuncture is one modality known to help relieve pulmonary fibrosis symptoms.


One type of alternative and complementary modality for pulmonary fibrosis is acupuncture. This Eastern medical procedure involves the activation of acupuncture points on the body with the use of thin and long acupuncture needles to help alleviate pain and promote good health in the body. You need to seek advice first from your doctor or other healthcare provider before coming in to an acupuncture clinic to seek treatment for your pulmonary fibrosis.


There are a number of side effects related to acupuncture. This is true particularly when the needles are not inserted properly or inserted on incorrect acupuncture points. The incorrect way of inserting a needle can lead to a puncturing of an organ or pain. If an acupuncturist uses needles that are contaminated, then you are at risk of getting an infection. To lessen these side effects, you need to seek treatment from an acupuncturist who is qualified and well experienced to tackle conditions such as pulmonary fibrosis.


Symptoms that are typical of pulmonary fibrosis include aching of the joints and muscles, unexplained weight loss, shortness of breath, fatigue, dry cough and chest pain. Pulmonary fibrosis complications may include lung cancer, pneumothorax, chronic low levels of oxygen in the blood, and respiratory failure.

Conventional Treatment

There is no cure with regards to pulmonary fibrosis, and no known conventional therapies have proven beneficial in slowing the progress of the disease. The patient’s quality of life and the improvement of his/her symptoms are the aims of both conventional and alternative therapies. Doctors usually prescribe corticosteroids to help minimize lung inflammation. Supplemental oxygen is often recommended if the patient shows low levels of blood oxygen. Lung transplantation may be a viable option if the patient suffers from a severe form of pulmonary fibrosis.

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