Almost every man can never deny the fact that sex often preoccupies their brain, whether they think about deriving more enjoyment in it, or performing much better in it or having it. And because it preoccupies their mind often, sex can be a source of frustration, anxiety and even depression. This is especially true for men whose sexual desire is low or for those who are suffering from physical difficulties. Shame and embarrassment often come to those who are experiencing such issues.

Happily, western conventional modalities have several ways to resolve most sexual problems. With regards to pharmacotherapy, it provides products that come with unpleasant side effects and worse, really don’t resolve the underlying root condition.

Low Libido

The hormones that define our manhood is testosterone. A male’s testosterone level reaches its apex during our teen years. As a man gets older, his levels of testosterone begin to decline. There is a real deep positive correlation between a man’s sex drive and his levels of testosterone. Chronic medical conditions, depression, sleep deprivation, and stress, however, can decrease a man’s libido.

Based on recent studies, sleep deprivation and stress have shown to be the causes for male menopause known also as premature andropause as well as lower levels of testosterone. This information is essential for men who are thinking about getting testosterone replacement therapy as this may only treat the symptoms and not the root problem.

The balance and integrity of the ANS (autonomic nervous system) is fundamental in having a great sexual function. To achieve this, acupuncture can be an excellent treatment option since it directly affects the ANS and has been proven in clinical studies to release neurotransmitters (in a natural way) that govern erection, enhance circulation in the male (and female) reproductive system, and aid in releasing a substantial testosterone level in the body.

Erectile Dysfunction

When talking about ED or erectile dysfunction, we need to know if it is emanating from a psychogenic cause, if it’s an organic problem, or both. The fastest way to know this is the existence of a spontaneous erection while sleeping (known as ‘morning wood,’ or NPT or nocturnal penile tumescence). This sign verifies ED as coming from an emotionally-based (anxiety, depression, etc.) or psychogenic origin.

It is usually a good idea to first verify if a man’s ED is of an organic cause since it can be an indication of a far serious medical condition. Some of the organic factors that can lead to ED include prostate conditions, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and substance use (street drugs, medications, smoking, alcohol, etc.). A lot of antidepressants can impair erectile function and sexual desire.

The cause or causes of ED according to Chinese Medicine is due to a stagnant or excessive condition (typically because of blockage and/or stagnation of energy flow in the body) that may be the result of a much deeper underlying problem (energy deficiency). By means of an intricate and precise diagnosis, Chinese medicine and acupuncture can enhance circulation and function of the genitals, as well as rectify the root problem.

Premature Ejaculation

Even if a man can sexually perform, he may experience a condition known as premature ejaculation or PE, for short. About a third of the men in the United States suffer from PE from to time, according to the American Urological Association. Even if PE is deemed not to be organically caused, more and more health practitioners are beginning to see it as a condition that is neurobiologically-based. This relates to factors that include anxiety, inexperience and other psychological factors that impact ejaculation.

Those who are more susceptible to PE include men with prostate problems. Treatments usually recommended for PE patients include SSRI drugs such as Paxil, which retards the ejaculation but can also affect erection, and behavioral therapy. One study done recently showed that acupuncture was a little less potent in preventing PE compared to everyday intake of Paxil; however, acupuncture had none of the nasty side effects that Paxil has.

Premature ejaculation, similar to erectile dysfunction, can be the result of either a deficiency or excess based in Chinese Medicine theory. Too much sexual activity, being emotionally overstressed or overworked and certain foods (alcohol, greasy foods) can affect the body’s capability to properly govern ejaculation. Chinese herbal formulas and acupuncture can fortify the body making it strong enough remove the excess factors that cause PE. They also help the body better control ejaculation as well as make the body strong enabling it to treat the underlying root of the condition.

Some recommendations to prevent the occurrence of Premature Ejaculation:

-Stop or at least significantly decrease your cigarette smoking
-Avoid or at least substantially lower your intake of drugs and alcohol
-Avoid or at least minimize your eating of processed, greasy and heavy foods
-Regularly take magnesium, vitamin D and zinc. All are intimately related to testosterone levels and urogenital function
-Take care of your emotional life. Never into a relationship with an immature and unstable partner who will leave you distraught in the end
– manage your stress through acupuncture, mindful practice, meditation, etc.
-Exercise: do this regularly although you should not indulge in physically excessive, stress-inducing workouts such as chronic-cardio workouts. They up your cortisol levels, which is an antagonist to testosterone. High cortisol levels can lead to muscle wasting, fat gain, and insulin resistance
-Get adequate sleep
-Get regular medical screening exams and checkups with your doctor

How can Chinese medicine and acupuncture help treat erectile dysfunction, boost your libido and resolve the underlying cause of premature ejaculation?

Men in China for millennia have relied on Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture to resolve imbalances in their body and boost their libido. A lowering of a man’s sex drive and even, surprisingly, an increase in it, is considered to be an imbalance. Too much sexual activity can impair a man’s capacity to maintain an erection and a proper ejaculation. Bothe Chinese medicine and acupuncture are very effective tools in bringing the body back into balance.

An enjoyable sex life is very important in the emotional and physical health of a man.

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