Sciatica stems from problems in the spine (damaged spine or misaligned), which pinch or irritate the sciatic nerve as it leaves the spine. Usually, a vertebral disc gets misplaced between the spines and this causes pressure or a pinch on the nerve as it goes out the spine. The pressure causes lower back pain that radiates down to the back of the legs and the feet.  Acupuncture Miami is a very effective treatment for sciatica.  Traditional Chinese medicine looks at sciatica as probably caused by a deficiency of the Kidney and Liver organs; blood and chi circulating poorly through the meridians; climate or environment caused or due to physical injury in the leg or back.

Pain caused by sciatica suggests that the path of the pain is where chi has stagnated.  Apart from energy deficiency of the Kidney and Liver organs, chi stagnation can also be attributed to wind, damp or cold.  Sciatica pain can be more pronounced when it rains.  If pain is weather induced, symptoms such as heaviness, numbness and a cold feeling that goes with the pain in the affected areas manifest.  If sciatic pain is due to deficiency of the Liver and Kidney energy, pain along with torpor, weakening pain and lower back pain is felt.  This is due to blood and chi stagnation, which leaves the affected parts undernourished with energy.  Sciatica pain also can be acquired by injuries in the leg or lower back.

Acupuncture treatment for sciatica includes the insertion of hair thin needles along the pathway of the pain.  The needles act to allow chi energy to flow normally again by removing the blockage in the meridian; help disperse external pathogens and enable the release of endorphins, the body’s “feel-good” chemicals to remove the pain. Other points in the body are also treated to remove the damp or cold or wind that may have affected the rest of the body including the urinary bladder meridian.

Electric stimulation is also used to maximize stimulation.  This technique is a recent innovation and a very efficient one.  Most acupuncturists are using electric stimulation therapy for many types of ailments.  This technique stimulates nerves through mild electrical pulses often giving the patient a very pleasant and relaxing sensation. As a result, pain that travels through those nerves are diminished greatly. This technique is so useful for sciatica pain.

Ear acupuncture is also used for sciatica. After treatment, ear tacks, magnets or seeds are attached to the acupuncture points in the ear to prolong the effect of the treatment.  These are usually used for three days and discarded to avoid infection of the needle points.  The acupuncture points in the ear have meridians connected to the affected areas where pain resides.  Electric stimulation and ear acupuncture are the most commonly used techniques for acupuncture.