Acne is a skin condition where pores become obstructed due to excess glandular secretion of sebum. The sebum accumulates in the pores and this leads to a bacterial infection of the gland.  People affected by this disorder usually avail of the myriad over-the-counter skin medications in the local drugstore, many of them purporting (but failing) to cure their acne.  Acne affects the social and personal life of a person and lowers their self-esteem.  It is an affliction that starts in the pores and hair follicles of the face, chest and shoulders.  Acne is really a visible evidence of one’s body fighting a disease or ailment and this battle between bacteria and body shows itself in the form of swollen reddish welts with a pus-filled core.

There are six types of pimples:

1. Whiteheads – These are sub dermal pimples and manifest as white spots with no typical blemish head.

2. Blackheads – Also called comedo.  Blemishes with black-tipped surface composed of sebum.

3. Papules – Bumpy headless blemishes with a somewhat pinkish hue.

4. Pustules – Blemishes full of pus sometimes oozing out of the skin.

5. Nodules – Painful blemishes with abundant concentration of pus deep in the skin.

6. Cysts – Pimples akin to boils.  Cysts are deep painful sub dermal blemishes that can cause scarring when not treated properly.

Almost 20 million Americans suffer from acne.  It is the most common skin disease for teens and young adults and people of all ages and race can suffer from this disease.  Fortunately, by the age of 30, the affliction usually heals by itself.   There are unlucky ones whose acne persist even after reaching 30, 40 or even 50 years old.  Acne can be due to a lot of factors.  The most common causes are hormonal irregularity or imbalance, puberty, hormonal imbalances due to pregnancy, use of contraceptives, allergies due to medication, high concentration of testosterone, application of steroids in the body, excessive and prolonged use of facial cosmetics.  Some people have discovered the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating acne.  Acupuncture Miami is part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and is a safe and natural form of treatment for various kinds of disorders including acne.  It is a preferred treatment when a person suffers from allergies using acne medications or antibiotics.  Acupuncture works by correcting the imbalances in the body and by removing obstacles that hinder energy or chi flow.  Usually acne treatment with acupuncture may take weeks with three or more sessions a week.  The acupuncturist would also advise the patient of a change of lifestyle and diet, usually advising for a cessation of smoking, less stressful lifestyle and less oily food.  Acupuncture treatment may also be combined with herbal medicine therapy to optimize and speed up the treatment process.