For adherents and practitioners of acupuncture, endometriosis is just another condition to manage and cure. However, scientists may see acupuncture as a means or pacifier for patients to believe that they are being cured.  They argue that the positive thinking causes women to get desired results from acupuncture therapies.  To see if there is a connection between endometrial pain and acupuncture, we need to know first the underlying principles behind acupuncture.

Acupuncture is a huge part of TCM or traditional Chinese medicine and it involves the concept of vital energy known as chi.  Chi is a force present in all nature, and it basically flows throughout our body to help us grow, be healthy and reproduce. The free flow of chi means that we are experiencing good health. This helps us to be in harmony with their environment. When this flow is disrupted, illnesses and pain begin to develop in the body.

Acupuncture aims to restore the free and normal flow of chi through energy vessels called meridians. This will help bring relief to the pain we are experiencing or help treat our sicknesses. Acupuncture accomplishes this with the use of ultra thin needles inserted at certain points in the body where the flow of chi occurs undisturbed.

The proper flow of chi balances the body enabling the body to heal itself.  So many people who have tried this therapy testify to its ability to help them think better and relax, oftentimes leading to a healthier life. To see how acupuncture can be used for endometriosis, we need to know how endometriosis occurs.

A woman’s uterus develops an inner lining known as the endometrium during her monthly cycle. This lining is to nurse a fetus should the woman’s egg become fertilized. The absence of fertilization will cause the endometrial to pass out of the body during menstruation. In certain instances, however, the endometrial lining goes to the other parts of the body. This may result in interference in normal bodily functions, scarring and internal bleeding. This issue is known as endometriosis, and many who experience it may suffer from progressively intense bodily pain.

Physicians address endometriosis by either prescribing painkillers or by managing the amounts of estrogen in the body to enable the patient to deal with the pain that come with the condition. Another possible medical option is surgery. It can excise the misplaced endometrial tissue and related adhesions and scarring. The problem with this procedure is that it may only offer short-term relief which may necessitate further surgeries ahead.

Because of the paucity of satisfactory and comprehensive medical and surgical therapies, a growing number of sufferers are looking at alternative therapies to resolve their condition or at least to complement their conventional treatments.

When going for acupuncture treatment, the acupuncturist will ask the patient a number of questions regarding the patient’s menstrual cycle as well as about certain aspects of her life. The therapies are customized to the patient’s needs and unique constitution. The acupuncture points selected for treatment may differ from patient to patient although typical points treated involve the legs, stomach, back, ears and neck.

Often combined with acupuncture are Chinese herbal remedies. These herbal formulas are specifically for the individual’s condition and symptoms and help optimize the outcome of the acupuncture treatment. By diverting chi, the needles that are inserted into the acupuncture points can help sufferers of endometriosis to feel stronger and better. They may be strong enough to cope with the pains of their condition.

Acupuncture helps patients with endometriosis in a number of ways. First this therapy can help relax the patient making it easier for her to manage her discomfort and pain. Acupuncture can also enhance circulation to the stomach which helps promote healing and can serves as a painkiller by the release endorphins into the bloodstream.

If you are seriously considering getting acupuncture for the relief of your endometrial pain, you need to consult with your doctor first and see what other medical options for endometriosis are available for you.  If your doctor gives his approval for acupuncture treatment, you then should search for a LICENSED acupuncturist near your area. You can also talk to fellow endometriosis patients and ask them about the acupuncturists they have gone to.

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