Most individuals who have dry skin use a moisturizing cream to maintain skin suppleness every day. The problem with moisturizers is that they do not solve the source of skin dryness.  With the help of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), you can improve the elasticity of your skin and make it more moisturized, smoother, shinier and healthier overall.

In order to treat skin dryness, an acupuncturist uses traditional Chinese diagnostic methods such observation of the symptoms, signs, pulse and tongue.  In TCM, dry skin is due to disorders in the Lung, Kidney and Liver (Lung and Liver with excess Heat, Kidney Yin weakness).  Acupuncture for dry skin treatment is often combined with Chinese herbal medicine as well as modifications to diet and lifestyle.

The relationship between some of the Internal Organs and the Skin

The largest organ in the human body is the skin. TCM considers the skin as one with the body. The skin possesses both a pathological and physical function that is connected to some of the body’s internal organs.  Some of the organs associated with the skin and its condition include:

The Large Intestine

The association of the Large Intestine and the skin is seen in the way the skin reacts to a person’s diet and eating habits. For example, if the person over eats or eats spicy and hot foods and drinks, toxins may accumulate in his intestines which can manifest on his skin.  These manifestations can be signs and symptoms like itchiness, rash, pimples and boil. Some other symptoms that are not related to the skin include bloating, smelly flatulence and constipation.

The Kidneys

The body’s original yin and yang are found in the Kidneys that likewise are responsible for all the stages of skin and the body.  When the Kidney experiences a Yin and Yang imbalance, symptoms like perspiration, hot flushes and dry skin can develop.

Liver and Heart

The Liver and Heart are responsible for the person’s emotions and blood circulation respectively.  Both emotions and blood flow can affect the skin and if Liver and Heart experience dysfunction, it may lead to toxins in the blood and heat. It may also cause skin flare ups resulting in or exacerbating skin problems such as rashes, eczema or pimples.


TCM believes that the Lung helps to open up and close the skin pores. A poor Lung function causes disorders that often affect skin health and can result in the following conditions:

if you are a smoker  and have been smoking for a long time, you may not only experience disorder of the Lung and but also dry skin.

When the body gets attacked by external Heat (virus) and Wind, the Lung function can be affected and the body may develop symptoms like shingles, rash, itchiness as well as sore throat or sneezing.

Dry Skin Symptoms

Dry skin can either develop quickly or over long periods of time and can become dryer and dryer over the course of time.  Dry skin can become painful, irritated, itchy, cracked or scaly and can develop on several parts of the body like the heels, elbows, nails, elbows, nails and around the lips or mouth. When left in a dry state for a long time, the skin can develop complications such as eczema, itchiness, rash or infection.

Dry Skin Causes

Blood and Liver Yin Deficiency

This type of deficiency is the most common cause of skin dryness.  It occurs more in women 40 years old and older after menopause or in women after labor. Blood and Liver Yin Deficiency can also be experienced by males and by both sexes at almost every of age.

People with this kind of deficiency can develop symptoms such as dream disturbed sleep, insomnia, high emotions, anxiety, hot flushes (especially while  sleeping or during the evening), extreme thirst, excess heat in the body, dry stools and unhealthy looking nails.

Heat in the Lung & Liver

Some of the several factors that can cause excessive Heat in the Lung and Liver, include Heat coming from other organs,  drugs, spicy and hot food, too much or long-term alcohol consumption, pneumonia, virus, colds and the flu.  When the Lung or Liver becomes overheated, the skin can turn dry and unhealthy.  Other dryness symptoms caused by Heat in the Lung and Liver include constipation, insomnia, extreme emotions, dry and red eyes, dry throat and dry cough.  People with this type of imbalance can develop complications such as hay fever, eczema or asthma.

Other Causes for Dry Skin

Certain foods
Certain drugs
Chronic illness or injury
Poor blood flow

If you suffer from dry skin you can avail of:

Medical help – If you noticed that your skin has been dry for quite awhile, you may be suffering from an underlying medical condition. You need to consult with your doctor for diagnosis and treatment of whatever ails you.

Acupuncture and TCM – Acupuncture and other types of TCM can zoom in on the root cause of your dry skin and treat both the symptoms and the real cause of your dry skin. Acupuncture and TCM are very safe and natural alternative treatments that consistently treat dry skin conditions.

Lifestyle & Diet

Relaxation –Change your work and lifestyle habits so you may not be living in a very stressful environment. Try not to be too emotional as it can cause Liver Heat. Meditation is also a good way to relax

Proper Diet – Eating lamb, shellfish, chives, garlic, ginger, onions, deep-fried food, spicy or hot food and drinking alcohol can increase Heat in the Lung, Liver or digestive system and flare up the skin. Recommended foods to eat include fruits, vegetables and teas such as pear, lemon, mung beans, peppermint tea, green tea, spinach, carrots, green leafy vegetables, cucumber and celery.

Exercise – Try to avoid strong sunlight when exercising outdoors.  Recommended exercises include swimming, biking, gentle walking and yoga.

Sleep – Get adequate sleep (at least 8 hours of sleep) every night

Dry skin can easily be resolved using any of the aforementioned treatment recommendations.