Women are more prone to suffer from hyperthyroid problems.  About 50% of thyroid diseases are either hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism with hypothyroidism as being the most common. All types of thyroid diseases, however, stem from poor autoimmune function.  Western medicine can only fashion drugs that partially relieve the symptoms.  It is therefore wise to look for better alternative treatments.  Acupuncture Saratoga Springs is one such treatment.  Acupuncture is part of traditional Chinese medicine used for treating a number of health problems in China for more than 2500 years.  Today, people worldwide to treat and prevent diseases and to enhance emotional, mental and physical health use acupuncture. Acupuncture is founded on the belief that energy called chi circulates throughout the body along networks of energy pathways called meridians.  When meridians develop blockages, chi flow is hindered and pain or illness starts to happen.  Acupuncture involves inserted hair thin needles along certain points where meridians connect to regain normal flow of energy.  The World Health Organization has verified the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating over forty diseases and thyroid illness is included.  For certain types of health problems, acupuncture becomes more potent when combined with a technique known as moxibustion.  Moxibustion involves burning a small amount of moxa (mugwort) and suspending it above the needles. As the herb burns, it emits a pleasant, floral smell.  The burning herb never touches the body to prevent skin burning.

Safety is one of the main concerns of an acupuncturist.  Many people are worried that needles used in treatment are never replaced thus allowing the possibility of infection.  A good acupuncturist uses only new, packaged, sterile single-use disposable FDA-regulated needles per patient.  In addition, an acupuncturist is trained to utilize Chinese medicinal herbs and often uses them to enhance the potency of the acupuncture treatment.  However, many herbs possess strong chemical effects that can be detrimental to a person suffering a certain condition – some herbs can also combine with medications that can cause harmful side effects.  The acupuncturist then needs to know the medical history of the patient to determine what particular treatment approach to use and what specific herbs not to use on the patient.  Many studies have shown the success of acupuncture in curing hypothyroidism.  A study done in Shanghai showed that 32 patients suffering from hypothyroidism were given acupuncture treatments for over a year combined with Chinese herbs to energize the kidney meridian.  The results of this study were collated with a control group and they showed a considerable thyroid improvement of the group treated with acupuncture.  The study concluded that hypothyroidism is directly connected to a deficiency in kidney energy.  A deficiency in kidney energy also weakens the immune functions of the body.