Psoriasis is a skin disease that manifests as scaly skin that is quite visually unpleasant. A lot of people have discovered the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating psoriasis.  Because it is rather unpleasant to look at, people (especially young adults and teens) with psoriasis can suffer from poor self-esteem and social stigma.  Psoriasis can affect small or large areas on the body.  The cause of psoriasis is yet unknown although it is known to be hereditary and can skip a generation or two.  The problem starts when cell production abnormally grows that a massive buildup of skin cells results in a scale effect.  No one knows yet the explanation of this scaling of skin cells but many assume it is related to the immune function of the body.  Psoriasis is considered to be severe when 30% or more of the body suffers from it and those that have psoriasis have a likely chance of having psoriatic arthritis.  Psoriasis has a number of triggers that can cause its flare-up.  It can remain dormant for a considerable amount of time but when it is triggered, recurrence usually is experienced.  These triggers are stress, food allergies, alcohol (strangely, only men who drink alcohol can have psoriasis) and smoking.  Acupuncture Louisville was invented in China and has been used to treat a number of disorders for over 2000 years.  It is influenced by Taoism believing that the universe and the human being should have a balance of the opposing but complementary forces of yin and yang.

When yin-yang balance is lost, health problems in the body, mind and emotions occur.  Chi or the life force flows unimpeded throughout the body in a balance of yin and yang along energy pathways called meridians.  When chi is obstructed along these pathways, health problems develop. The acupuncturist inserts reed-thin metallic needles to remove the blockage enabling the life-energy to flow normally again enabling the body to self heal.  Acupuncture has shown to be an effective cure for psoriasis.  There are more cases showing that acupuncture Spokane has been more effective in curing this disease than traditional medicine.  More studies are being conducted to give concrete direct evidence of acupuncture’s benefit in treating psoriasis to show that it does treat this disorder beyond reasonable doubt.  One of the most potent ways that acupuncture combats psoriasis is acupuncture’s effectiveness in relieving anxiety.  Anxiety is one of the major triggers of psoriasis.  It is known that acupuncture releases endorphins.  Endorphins may be a factor in blocking some swelling mechanisms involved in psoriasis or could possibly help certain neural actions that trigger psoriasis from occurring.  Acupuncture treatment used for psoriasis can be the traditional type, electro-acupuncture or even laser acupuncture.  Treatment may least for 30 minutes to an hour.