In English, Nei Gong means “internal work.” It is a set of breathing exercises that has been practiced for thousands of years in China to soothe and calm the spirit, body, and mind. Furthermore, Nei Gong can be used to promote weight loss, tonify the skin, and improve health as well as boost the immune system which gives the body the strength to combat and ward off disease and illness.

This type of Chinese therapy originated in China and its knowledge and traditions have been passed down from generation to generation. The techniques of yoga, tai chi, and qi gong owe their roots to the healing practices of Nei Gong. It is a type of internal martial art that has everything to do with internal strength. It can help strengthen your actions without needing to exert a lot of effort.

In Nei Gong, the practitioner performs a series of steps that excites the inner energy for revival to its pristine state of being. Nei Gong’s internal elements work in combination with qi gong’s external energy elements which lead to balance of energy or chi. The motions are continuous and fluid, as well as laconic and slow. One of Nei Gong’s internal styles is Neijia that involves the work of internal martial art, which fuses occasional rapid eruption of movements with slow movements whilst bringing in a state of relaxation.

Nei Gong Has Many Types

Certain Nei Gong practices concentrate on breathing and in the harmonizing and coordinating of the body. It is not about the body’s physical movements but how the body moves. It is usually combined with breathing exercises to generate inner peace and relaxation.

Nei Gong is also a meditate art that allows your body to be more conscious of normal body processes, like balance, musculoskeletal alignment and movement, digestion, and the flow of blood in the body. The non-martial art practice of NeiGong is considered an indispensible way to maintain a program of optimal health. It is the manifestation of the Three Treasures of Shen, Chi, and Jing, known respectively as spirit, vitality, and essence.

The Benefits of Nei Gong

An important component of all internal martial arts, Nei Gong connects the body with the mind through physical movement and breathing. Its regular practice can give you more power to deeply concentrate which enables you to reflect internally which can lead to an enlightened self awareness of your body. Your body becomes stronger and your health improved when you alter what arises inside the body.

You may feel an increase of your energy within the first practice. You may also experience a new degree of body awareness which can enhance your self confidence. Besides this, you may see that your sleep patterns have improved and thus may need less sleep. Because of the benefits of enhanced relaxation, you may also see that your high blood pressure readings decrease. All in all, you experience a much improved sensations of tranquility, peace and well being.

Nei Gong has techniques that help you exercise to improve your physical condition, enable the body to detoxify the body of harmful substances, and to help you attain a deeper understanding of spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical states.

All these things bring your spirit, body, and mind to a harmonious balance of chi which leads to a better quality of life, decrease in stress, and improved health.

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