People automatically think of acupuncture, when they talk about Chinese medicine; however, equally (perhaps, even more) important to Chinese medicine is Chinese herbs. This type of medicine works on the theory that each herb wields a variety of effects on the body via the organ or organs it influences and via its inherent actions and temperature.

Foods, like herbs, also possess therapeutic attributes. There are foods that are also actually considered herbs because they impact the body in a very powerful way. They include:

o Garlic: This food/herb is strong enough to kill parasites in your body. It’s used for food poisoning (food toxicity) with symptoms such as dysentery and diarrhea, and a preventative measure against flu.

o Ginger: A warm herb that’s known to help heal an upset stomach. Eat broth made of ginger and scallions to combat the early stages of a cold.

o Scallions: Scallions have moving (dispersing) and warming qualities. As mentioned above, scallions boiled with ginger are ideal remedies against the early stages of a cold. Before going to bed, drink the broth that will give you a mild sweat to break the cold before it becomes worse.

o Chinese dates: If you need to tonify your Spleen, this is an ideal food to eat. Symptoms of a weak spleen include lack of energy, weak appetite, fatigue, and shortness of breath. You can purchase Chinese dates in health food stores and Asian markets. You can add them to other dishes and salads or you can eat them alone.

o Hawthorne fruit: This herb is sold in Asian groceries and markets in the form of a supplement or candy named Hawflakes. In Chinese medicine, hawthorne is ideal for indigestion which in Chinese medicine is known as food stagnation.

o Cinnamon: An energy moving and warm herb. Ideal for various types of pains and aches and for colds.

o Walnuts: Walnuts are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Walnuts are used to alleviate constipation and help moisten the intestines. They are also used in Chinese food and herbal therapy in Jacksonville to moisten the intestines and relieve constipation. They are also deemed to help tonify the Chinese Kidney and make one live for a very long time.

o Mung beans: Mung beans can be ideal for a Chinese medicine condition known as Summerheat. Eat the beans by first boiling it until it becomes soft. Along with eating the beans, you can also drink the water the beans were cooked in. If that doesn’t sound appealing, make it into a soup by adding some vegetables, seasoning, and a little broth.

o Goji berries: These berries have been the focus of attention for the past several years due to its ingredients that promote longevity and health. They are also called Chinese Wolfberries and have a sweet and sour taste, and are red. Chinese medicine practitioners have been using them to treat eye problems such as diminished eyesight due to aging and blurry vision. Eating them can benefit the Chinese Kidneys, which are affiliated with aging.

o Watermelon: There are good reasons why you often love to eat watermelon on a humid and hot day. Watermelon is a moistening and cooling food, and is also used to address Summerheat, a condition generates that a nauseous feeling when the weather is sticky and very hot.