Restless leg syndrome (RLS) is a condition affecting your legs in which a certain sensation or pain compels you to move them always; if pain is involved, it may cause sleeping problems. RLS can be treated with acupressure which helps alleviate the lag/back pain and help you get good quality sleep. According to Chinese medicine, the human body has 14 channels of energy known as meridians that are responsible for maintaining health. When a blockage develops in one or more of the meridians, a health condition arises. In RLS, The bladder and gallbladder meridians are the channels affected, therefore tapping or putting pressure on the correct acupuncture points associated with these energy channels can set into motion the healing mechanisms of the body. Clearing out or redirecting the stagnant energy (qi) responsible for the back ailment will result in legs free of pain.

Various forms of acupressure can address the underlying issues that causes restless leg syndrome

Conditions and Patterns of Disharmony Responsible for RLS

A lot of people are plagued by restless leg syndrome and at times, what may cause the problem may be something simple as alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, or flu or cold medicines. Any of those can lead to RLS. If you want a completely safe and natural cure, you should consider acupressure for the relief of your pain, discomfort, and symptoms. However, if the cause of RLS is medication, acupressure unfortunately, may not be a longstanding solution. Other conditions can also give rise to restless leg syndrome. They include kidney problems, diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, and Parkinson’s disease.

What Is Acupressure?

The meridians in the body can be likened to lines of electricity and the acupressure points or trigger points that normally are located just above the meridians, as breakers. When a trigger point is applied with acupressure, it activates the meridians, like flipping the switch of a breaker back on in order for the electricity to circulate once more. When a meridian is activated or stimulated by applied pressure, it allows the Qi to flow freely once again generating well-being and good health. If Qi flow is interrupted for whatever reason, the body can become imbalanced, weak, and sick. Certain factors like the emotions, stress, trauma, and negative thoughts get stuck in the energy channel, causing the blockage. Acupressure is a healing technique that applies pressure on the acupoint with the fingertips for mildly tapping, holding, or pushing certain acupoints or breakers. Those acupoints are the same points used in acupuncture treatment although instead of pressure, needles are applied to stimulate the channels. Occasionally, magnets may be also taped to the acupoints for more serious issues that require continuous stimulation.

Gall Bladder Meridian

To activate the gallbladder meridian, start applying gentle pressure at the crease of the eye’s side. Gently massage that part for about 15 – 20 seconds, concentrating intently on the frustrations and feeling that you’re experiencing and on your restless leg syndrome.

Bladder Meridian

To apply acupressure on the bladder channel, repeat the same procedure as the one done on the gallbladder meridian but this time, commence at the nose indent, inside of the eyebrow. Hold or tap the point until the pain subsides or for around 15 – 20 seconds. Be aware of the force of the pressure that you exert. After holding the acupoint, press once more and determine if you need to push harder to feel the same painful response. Usually, you will feel the pain disappear and when you press, all that’s left to feel is the pressure.


Pressing on the correct pressure points loosens a tense muscle. A relaxed loose healthy muscle won’t ache nor is it painful. When lactic acid builds up in the body it creates pain. With acupressure, this acid starts to flow out of the affected part of the body and is replaced with new oxygen and blood. After an acupressure session, have a few glasses of water to wash away the lactic acid out of your body. To lengthen those newly healthy flexible muscles, perform some stretching exercises.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Being a type of meridian/acupressure treatment, EFT is a healing method practitioners use to help patients overcome physical and emotional issues. It is an extremely easy technique to do which anyone can use at home without needing to know what energy channel is responsible for his/her condition. EFT is an amazing treatment, but entails the use of a few more breaker-tapping for accelerating recovery. Basically, the treatment makes use of all 14 channels; each pressure point needs to be tapped or massaged seven times until resolved. You can actually activate the acupoint faster if you do 40 more taps to the affected energy channel. If you’re not able to address your condition, you may have overlooked or missed an aspect of the problem.

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