Did you know that besides cosmetic surgery and Botox there’s a safe and natural way to make you look young again? In the age when consumers are constantly besieged with ads of miracle cures that guarantee to restore a youthful-looking appearance, an ancient Chinese medical procedure known as facial/cosmetic acupuncture really works for a problem as old as humanity itself.

Facial/cosmetic acupuncture is a procedure that rejuvenates the face that entails no recovery time and is quite painless as opposed to the swelling, bruising, and long process of recovery connected to plastic surgery,

Despite being a recent entry to western culture, the methods applied in facial/cosmetic acupuncture were exploited for thousands of years by Chinese nobility. To attain a toned and youthful looking skin, it takes a whole-body approach without the need for electrical stimulation, surgery, or drugs. This is precisely what acupuncture does, working remarkably well on the stomach and face.

Mei Zen is a type of facial/cosmetic acupuncture that is slowly gaining popularity in the United States. Acupuncturists who specialize in Mei Zen both follow unusual needling techniques and a very precise protocol. The principles behind the treatment are based on ancient Chinese medical texts that specify the appropriate configuration and location of needles in order to restore balance in the body and rejuvenate the complexion of the patient. The needles’ strategic placements are designed to generate physiological changes in three ways: 1) the increased production of elastin and collagen that reduce wrinkles; 2) the underlying improvement of health that is naturally manifested in our appearance and 3) improved chi (energy) and blood circulation through local blood vessel dilation leading to better movement and distribution of nutrients to the cells to aid regeneration.

A typical session of facial rejuvenation acupuncture treatment in Linwood involves a couple of one-hour sessions a week lasting at least, five weeks. During the procedure, thinner-than-hair, tiny, solid needles are superficially stuck into specified points of the skin.

The following are the after effects of facial/cosmetic acupuncture:

• Deep lines are reduced
• Fine lines vanish
• There is a general improvement in complexion.

Even acne, rosacea and other skin conditions can be addressed with facial/cosmetic acupuncture. Since the basis of acupuncture lies on the premise that when the body’s systems are in balance, optimal health is attained, the treatment can produce other extra benefits, as well. Women, for example, who try facial/cosmetic acupuncture, may also experience fewer night sweats and hot flashes, better sleep cycles and digestion, and less anxiety and depression. People who choose stomach acupuncture can expect a boost in their sex drive and an increase in fertility. People who have tried cosmetic/facial acupuncture usually experience sensations of lifting, lightness, tingling, and warmth, and an overall feeling of wellness immediately following a treatment.

The treatment is growing in popularity, and there are studies that prove it works. The International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture released a study showing 90% of the 300 volunteers who were treated with facial acupuncture, experienced substantive outcomes just within a first course of treatment.

From the viewpoint of consumers, cost is one of the most compelling features of cosmetic/facial acupuncture. This treatment is a fraction of most other types of cosmetic augmentation. Moreover, maintenance is also quite inexpensive.

Although cosmetic acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment, it is not for everyone. The acupuncturist needs to thoroughly evaluate a patient to see if the therapy is proper and whether any underlying imbalances exist that need to be addressed. People suffering from high blood pressure, seizure disorders, serious chronic diseases, or those who have suffered a stroke cannot have this procedure, although in other types of Chinese medicine, they can find relief from these conditions.

Because Mei Zen Cosmetic acupuncture provides a lot of supportive aspects to its five week procedure, it’s considered a comprehensive medical program. One vital aspect of the treatment is the inclusion of Chinese herbal remedies. These remedies are made up of herbs that are known to treat imbalances in the body and benefit the skin. These formulas are quite specific and made in accordance with each patient’s specific requirements. Food therapy is one other important complementary therapy in which the patient follows a customized program of foods that’s meant restore balance in the body whilst the skin is nourished. Along with this plan of treatment, Qi Gong exercises can be added to facilitate the restoration of vitality and health.

The results of facial/cosmetic acupuncture treatment vary from person to person; nevertheless significant improvements will always be expected from this holistic approach. A person may prolong the benefits depending on how well he/she addresses other areas off attention. This may include stress reduction, exercise, and nutrition. Facial/ cosmetic acupuncture is a sensible alternative that can restore a radiant glow both inside and out at a fraction of the cost of surgery.