Did you know that there is actually a pain acupuncture formula for low back or lumbar pain? Low back pain is one of the most commonly reported conditions that millions are suffering from. It can never be lumped into one category since it has numerous cases.

There are numerous treatments available for low back pain and acupuncture has apparently demonstrated its effectiveness to many low back pain syndromes. Achieving a successful level of reduced pain is the most important item to consider followed by stabilization and correction of the condition. Pain relief is paramount as agreed by most low back pain sufferers.

A lot of reports in the last four decades have been revealed that showed acupuncture can successfully treat low back pain. In fact, a very rare individual who was supposed to be referred to surgery thought that surgery was not the only viable solution.   Regardless of the specific cause, the vast majority of cases have experienced considerable pain relief in just a very time after being administered with a specialized acupuncture formula. In most cases, pain relief was considerable before physiotherapy or chiropractic procedures could be implemented. It has proven the test of time but this procedure is not considered a cure for all or every lumbar pain syndrome. It does not do what physical therapy can do regarding structures nor do what chiropractic, physiotherapy, soft-tissue treatment, therapeutic massage and other non-invasive procedures can do to strengthen ligaments, tendons or muscles. Its main purpose is for early pain relief.

How Acupuncture Works for Low Back Pain

According to ancient Chinese study, there is an inner energy or force that is more than neurotransmitters and vibrating molecules. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this vital energy or force is called “qi” pronounced as chee. Any physical dysfunction like low back pain is considered in TCM is caused by a blocked or stagnant “qi” in that area. Back pain can also be related to liver, spleen or kidney stagnation and dysfunction. In acupuncture treatment, needles are inserted to break up that blockage to let the “qi” to move freely within the channels and alleviate low back pain.

Acupuncture is generally the treatment of choice in acute cases of low back pain and it has been found to be very effective. In treating acute cases of low back pain, the principle of treatment is to revitalize blood and “qi” to remove stagnation and unblock channels the channels to stop or reduce pain. In acute cases, the main focus is to use distal points with strong stimulation. Chronic cases of low back pain on the other hand, require the principle of treatment which is to expel any pathogens that invaded the body. This will invigorate the circulation of the blood and “qi” and tone and underlying deficiencies. Mostly in chronic cases of low back pain points local to the area of pain and distal points would be used in combination with the other.