Is there such a thing as fertility acupuncture? It is a fact that a lot of women are suffering from miscarriages and some just want to have a baby. But thanks to acupuncture, a woman can have a chance to having a baby. A 36 year old woman from New York, Lucy Appert has endured two miscarriages, a stillbirth and rare pregnancy-related liver dysfunction, she had thought she would never have a chance of having her own child.

She and her husband had tried having their own baby for five years. There dream came true when they turned to acknowledge the effects of ancient Chinese medicine such as acupuncture. Due to her success with fertility acupuncture, she would recommend acupuncture to everyone.

Acupuncture is a three thousand years old procedure that involves the insertion of tiny needles into various pressure points known as “qi” found on the body. Apart from fertility, acupuncture can also improve the circulation and reduce stress. Acupuncture has been around in the United States for years and it has been the choice for alternative treatment for various ailments.

Recently, acupuncture has been skyrocketing as a remedy for female infertility. According to Dr. Paul C. Margarelli, an infertility doctor at the Reproductive Medicine & Fertility Center in Colorado Springs, acupuncture really does work. Acupuncture can help improve the circulation to the ovaries which makes healthier eggs and to the uterus. This can make the lining strong enough to hold the eggs until full-term.

Dr. Raymond Change, director of New York’s Meridian medical Group said, “Acupuncture provides better circulation and better blood flow to the womb. It will give a better chance for the eggs to be nourished and therefore carried.”

It is fact that acupuncture can also be a stress-reliever during a very emotional time. After all, the thought of never having a baby can put a couple or any woman for that matter in such an emotional state. Dr. Chang said that acupuncture is less resistant in treating reproductive problems compared to Chinese herbs. Sometimes, even in vitro specialists would refer their patients for acupuncture after a couple of failed IVF attempts. The good thing about fertility acupuncture is that invasive procedure like IVF is welcome along the process.

As mentioned earlier, Appert was at the end of her rope and she thought she had nothing else to lose when she tried acupuncture. She started acupuncture with a few needles on her toes and a couple on her liver points. She continued fertility acupuncture throughout her pregnancy.

Regardless of the skeptics, Appert was relieved that she was finally able to have a nerly full-term baby of her own. Although her 4 pounds, 6 ounces baby were admitted in a intensive care unit, he was doing fine.