Acupuncture is a straightforward, painless, and safe procedure that has been used to address a number various conditions including headaches, depression, back pain, and more. It involves the application of clean, thin needles to activate selected acupuncture points on the body. But are you aware that acupuncture can also be used to treat several of the symptoms associated with pregnancy?

The following are some of the benefits you can get from acupuncture in Miami while you are pregnant:

1. It helps relieve pelvic pain: The most common ailment reported by pregnant women is pelvic pain. This occurs because the womb needs to expand to accommodate the unborn baby which causes the ligaments to be stretched beyond their normal range of movement. This hormonal changes and increased weight combined with the stretching can cause mild-to-severe pelvic pain. Acupuncture is an effective and safe way to alleviate pelvic pain without the need for pharmaceutical products that may otherwise harm both mother and the unborn child.

2. Acupuncture’s painless: Far too few people are aware that even though needles are used, acupuncture is a totally painless treatment. The truth is an overwhelming number of people who go for acupuncture close their eyes to rest and relax while undergoing the procedure. The thin tiny needles are barely sensed as they’re inserted into the skin. This treatment is an ideal alternative to other types of treatment for symptoms related to pregnancy that are always accompanied by harmful side effects.

3. Boosts the flow of blood: Acupuncture is widely known to improve blood circulation. General fatigue, edema, spider veins, and blood pressure irregularities such as hypertension are all typical symptoms associated with poor blood flow that are experienced by pregnant women. These symptoms can be prevented with acupuncture treatment.

4. Lessens the time of labor: To help prepare their bodies for birth, pregnant women should begin acupuncture treatments in the weeks leading up to their due date. Studies show acupuncture improves the maturation of the cervix and cuts down labor time by more than 20%.

5. Helps alleviate fatigue, headaches, and morning sickness: Studies show acupuncture to be particularly effective at treating fatigue, headaches, and morning sickness. It can enable pregnant women to de-stress and help them fully enjoy this incredible time in their life.

6. Helps relieve foot pain: One of the most welcome benefits of acupuncture for expecting moms are the relief their foot pain. Due to the added weight caused by their pregnancy, women often experience foot swelling and pain during those nine months. Thankfully, they have acupuncture treatments to turn to for the alleviation of these symptoms.

You may want to seek first the advice of your healthcare provider if you are considering acupuncture. It is a safe and popular treatment even during pregnancy.