A holistic technique that stimulates the subtle energy systems of the body to eliminate energy blockages, Chinese internal energy healing breaks through these energetic blockages, setting off the innate self healing abilities of the body.

The definition of Chinese internal energy healing is a bit difficult to understand. Therefore, we have listed five facts that can rectify any misconceptions or misinformation some of you may still have about Chinese internal energy healing.

1. Chinese internal energy healing has a solid scientific basis.

In high school physics, we are taught that matter is composed of molecules. Even a table or anything that is solid has molecules and atoms that vibrate all the time. Humans are no exceptions to this rule.

When someone says to you, you have “good vibes,” what he or she means is that your vibrational energy is good. People who are happy resonate on a higher frequency. This feeling can be called effervescence!

Places come with certain vibes as well. When entering a room where a fight had just recently occurred, you might feel a heavy feeling that makes you want to exit the room right away. Salt is a natural cleanser of energy, so is moving air, and so when you go to a beach, the air at the beach has a higher vibrational frequency that makes you happy.

2. For millennia, ancient societies have studied the energy centers of the body.

The Japanese energy healing tradition called Reiki originated back to the advent of the 20th century. The body’s seven energy distribution centers called Chakras are depicted in ancient Hindu records. Energy superhighways of the body called meridians are the road maps on which practitioners of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine practitioners) use to address a wide range of health conditions.

Despite the fact age old societies utilized a range of modalities to activate the body’s natural healing ability, they all consider internal energy as a potential force of good.

3. Chinese internal energy healing is easily accessible.

There are all kinds of energy healers and they can be found practically everywhere.

You can find a Reiki practitioner in any corner the world, and one advantage of utilizing it is that it can be administered and received even if the practitioner and client are not in the same room. This is because the power of intention makes energy go to where it’s most urgently needed.

Acupuncturists are also easy to find although you may need to encounter treatment using needles. To rebalance the body, this technique needs to activate the circulation of chi.

Another modality is Reflexology that releases blocked energy and facilitates healing by activating the systems, organs, or energy channels using acupoints on the hands, feet and ears.

One other energy healing practice is massage which helps free muscle tension, enables deep relaxation, and promotes the flow of lymph.

If you are new to these therapies, ask for a referral from an experienced or qualified acupuncturist or practitioner— talk to a friend or inquire at a yoga studio. Begin with a short thirty minute Reiki procedure that can give you an inkling of how powerful your energy healing is.

4. In order to benefit from Chinese internal energy healing, you don’t need to be spiritual.

Just as not understanding the law of gravity will not make you fall down, you’re not required to completely grasp the principle of energy healing although we would recommend going in with an open mind for maximum benefit.

The right time to go to an energy healer is now. If you’re physically drained, stressed, or anxious, a session of Chinese energy healing can help you relax and feel more balanced. And if you’re feeling already good, it’s possible to always feel a little better! You need to know that inner energy healing is a complementary therapy that should not exclude any Western drugs you may be using.

5. You can preserve your energetic health at home.

Energy cleansing is a daily commitment just like brushing your teeth and showering every day. Keep the good vibes moving once you visit an energy healer. Whenever you begin to feel creeping heaviness in your back, take a bath in pink Himalayan Epsom or salts for twenty minutes or so. Burning sage or smudging can remove all the negativity in your aura. High-vibrating crystals have their own unique properties and may give your energy field a boost.

A willingness and curiosity to learn is all you need to start your journey to Chinese energy healing.

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