Acupuncture is an alternative form of medicine that utilizes filiform needles stuck into the human body. This is the treatment of choice of some people who seek relief from maladies and ailments that pester them.

In certain instances, acupuncture is greeted with trepidation by people scared of needles. Some people dread acupuncture not because of the needles but because they fear where the needles might be placed.

Knowing the Right Acupoint to Treat Is Key to Getting the Best Results

Acupuncture in its traditional sense means the use of needles inserted into specific points in the body. In order to get the desired effect, the acupuncturist needs to identify and treat the correct acupoints. Sadly, however, there are practitioners who are not qualified and trained well enough to know what acupoint to treat in a certain condition. Needling the wrong acupoint can be potentially dangerous since it can lead to injury and in very rare occasions can even be deadly. More often than not, the incorrect placement of the needles can lead to no benefit or a less desirable outcome.

Many people who have had a bad experience with acupuncture usually were treated by a practitioner with no credentials and no experience. This issue adds more to the fear of acupuncture thus preventing people from experiencing the incredible healing effects of this therapy.

The Chinese and Japanese style of acupuncture is the most popular forms of treatment in the United States. One of the biggest differences between these two treatments is the make-up of the needles used in treatment.

One of the most interesting things about Japanese acupuncture is that it follows a more refined form of treatment than Chinese acupuncture; maybe it’s because of the fact that Japanese acupuncture practitioners are usually blind.

Unlike the Chinese style of treatment, Japanese acupuncturists tend not to insert the needle too deep in the skin. However, the acupoints used by these two forms of treatment are basically the same.

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