During pregnancy and labor, women may find maternity acupressure to be extremely beneficial.

What is acupressure?

Acupressure is a cross between pressure and acupuncture but instead of using needles (such as in Bellingham acupuncture therapy), pressure is instead applied to certain points in the body to promote well-being and health.

Acupressure is a Chinese traditional medical technique that has been used for millennia and generates a ton of health benefits for children, men, and women. It can be quite a valuable tool for people suffering from certain medical conditions or illnesses. It has shown to provide positive results during pregnancy!

What is maternity acupressure and why I need to try it?

During pregnancy and labor, the use of maternity acupressure can facilitate the process of pregnancy and childbirth. Women may utilize acupressure throughout their entire pregnancy.

The use of maternity acupressure for labor towards the end of pregnancy can help both the unborn baby and mother to prepare for birth. The therapy can stimulate a baby to turn in the correct head-down position and engage into the pelvis of the mother, which is the best position for childbirth.

In addition, maternity acupressure can help prepare women for labor by helping to ripen and dilate the cervix. It can be used to induce the beginning of labor once a woman is past her due date or when she reaches full-term.

The human body has certain pressure points that are related to certain parts of the body, such as the kidneys or abdomen. By innervating pressure points associated with specific areas, such as the uterus, the body of a woman can be stimulated to begin contractions. Generally painless, mild contractions can help ripen and dilate a woman’s cervix.

Is it safe to avail oneself of this therapy?

Yes, maternity acupressure is a very safe procedure! Several studies dealing with the procedure have shown that the therapy produces positive outcomes for both baby and mother. Unless the body of a woman is naturally ready for labor, this procedure will not initiate labor. Maternity acupressure is, in fact, one of the only natural techniques that can safely initiate labor.

Maternity acupressure has also shown to shorten labor which makes the entire childbirth process much easier.

One other excellent benefit of this modality prior to and during labor includes relief of pain during childbirth. Pain relief during labor and delivery can help lessen the need for outside interventions (i.e. pharmaceutical drugs). Research has also shown that by decreasing the need for outside interventions during labor lessens the likelihood of complications.

When should I begin getting maternity acupressure?

If you are pregnant, you may use maternity acupressure from the start to the end of your term. Maternity acupressure can do the following:

• Help promote healthy contractions
• Ripen and dilate the cervix
• Reduce pain during labor
• Reduce stress and aid in relaxation
• It can stimulate a transverse or breech baby to turn head down
• Treat pelvic pain
• Relieve nausea related to morning sickness
• Relieve heartburn