Perhaps a lot of people thinking about acupuncture would imagine themselves sitting in a chair with a number of thin needles hanging all over their body. This kind of picture is as far as it goes but despite that, acupuncture has a lot of benefits especially if incorporated with the use of acupuncture herbs.

Basically the purpose of inserting needles is to redirect the flow of energy within the body. The body recovers its proper operation once the flow of energy is restored to its proper channels. The symptoms would disappear depending on the number of treatments.

The techniques of acupuncture were medically developed in China more than a thousand years ago. As part of the traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture also uses a number of herbs in conjunction with the traditional acupuncture treatment. Like the vitamins normally taken every day as nutritional supplements, acupuncturist would use certain herbs for specific symptoms to treat in the clinic. In clinics, herbs can be given in a form of capsules and pills or they could be brewed in warm water and taken as tea.

Understanding the relationship of acupuncture with herbs is not confusing. By the end of this article, the topic about acupuncture herbs can be crystal clear.

The tea given to patients with acupuncture allows the acupuncturist to mix the right kind of herbs for a specific individual. Rather than loading the patient with different pills, the use of herbs can be adjusted proportionally. Giving the herbs in the form of tea is more effective since tea makes the action of herbs more rapid. But herbs that are given in raw form are more potent. People who are not used to unusual taste would find tasting raw herbs revolting yet tried a few times can adjust the tastes buds.

Before you acupuncturist can decide on a course of treatment, you and your acupuncture provide must sit down and discuss the different parts of the treatment like herbs if there are any. Not all treatments require herbs and acupuncture treatment can still be effective without them. If you are taking any vitamin supplement or other medications, make sure that you inform your acupuncture provider. Nutritional supplements are generally compatible with herbs, but in order to realize the interactions they might have on herbs, you need to inform your acupuncturists to indicate what kind of herbs are needed for a particular treatment. This would go the same with medications for herbs can affect a large part of the body’s system as unit.

If during the acupuncture herbs treatment you feel any kind of side-effects, always inform your acupuncture provider. So far the only known side-effect would be upset stomach and even this kind of symptom should be reported to the acupuncturists. Although herbs are not a part of acupuncture therapy, they can be helpful in promoting better health and rapid recovery.