Liver Wind, in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), is associated with pain and uncontrolled movement in the form of shaking, spasms, seizures, or jerks as in Parkinson`s. It may also frequently refer to pain akin to fibromyalgia –movement shifting from one part of the body to another. Corydalis Yan Hu Su has for centuries, been used to decrease pain and prevent the rise of seizures such as grand mal. It works by controlling liver wind and aiding the movement of blood. Corydalis has long been used by TCM practitioners to help control pain particularly when other herbs are added to guide the Corydalis to the affected part of the body.

Pharmaceutical companies have tried to exploit the potency of this herb, and, have endeavored to isolate its active ingredient it for synthesis and, obviously for financial gain. Their research led to the following:

The development of electrically kindled amygdala is where the influence of an active component isolated from corydalis yanhusu root, THP (dl-tetrahydropalmatine), was tested on. An ultrasonic system for vertical motion measurements measured the seizure activity. THP was injected intraperitoneally half an hour prior to the application of the daily kindling stimulus to prevent the progress of the kindling process.

The motion responses and the score of the behavioral seizure, which developed normally during electrical kindling,fell below their initial values.

The outcomes indicate that THP is an extremely potent ingredient with anticonvulsant and antiepileptogenicqualities when used on electrically kindled rats.

The issue was that the isolated dl-tetrahydropalmatinebecame toxic and this can lead to liver disorders such as hepatitis. It never occurred to them to just focus on the safe whole root extract and to prevent the rise of more problems.

It is strongly advised to take the corydalis herb is in a 5:1 ratio. Five grams raw herb= 1 gram crystals. This quickly dissolves any liquid and is made up of alcohol processes using very low heat,fresh organic herbs,and natural water.

Combined with Gou Teng and He Shu Wu, corydalis has been a highly successful Spokane TCM treatment for Parkinson`s. As water medicine, it should be boiled daily. The problem with this treatment is the cost. A lot of the raw herbs in Tien Ma GuTeng are quite expensive. Patients may also have difficulty in preparing the formula. The formula itself is not tasty at all so you have to tolerate its taste when you drink it. the current TCM protocol for Parkinson’s disease is to take two grams of Corydalis 5:1 extract powder (two grams twice daily) two times each day and an inexpensive version of the herbal remedy Tien Ma GuTeng Wan. These formulas need to be taken along with lots of He Shu Wu (liquid or powder extract) every day for the rest of your life.

Remember, cordyalis is not just for seizures and Parkinson`s. It has long been used in TCM as a way to control pain more so when other herbs are introduced to guide the Corydalis to the part of the body where it is needed.