Acupuncture Miami for thousands of years has been used to treat ailments and some types of complex diseases.  No studies have yet shown how acupuncture actually works but a lot patients remain confident of its efficacy.

Acupuncture was first used in China 2500 years ago.  It is still a popular treatment there and is probably the most popular form of alternative or Asian medicine in the world.  Surgery was outlawed in ancient China and people had acupuncture as a recourse for this. The needles are applied in the top part of the skin or just a little beyond that.  The location of the needle insertion is determined by the illness and the diagnosis.

Before treatment begins, the acupuncturist will conduct an extensive query of the patient’s health problem.  Many questions will be asked regarding the patient’s condition and what he/she feels followed by some type of physical examination.  After diagnosis has been determined, the patient is reclined to a table.  Then several needles are inserted to sites in the body called acupuncture points.  The needles are left in the skin for 20 to 40 minutes then removed afterwards.  The acupuncture determines if more visits are required for full treatment.

Acupuncture can virtually be used to treat almost any kinds of illnesses.  Many people may find immediate positive results with acupuncture while others may take days or even weeks before noticing any type of positive change.  The city’s local Chinatown is a good place to look for highly skilled acupuncturists.  Many of these are well trained and highly recommended by their regular patients.  Modern acupuncturists uses available technology that enhances the treatment or makes the use of needles totally unnecessary.  Some of these type of acupuncture are electro acupuncture, laser acupuncture and electromagnetic wave therapy.

Electromagnetic wave therapy is a type of acupuncture that does not use needles in its treatment procedure.  The electromagnetic energy comes from a box type electrical gadget and the meridian fingers are where the energy is delivered.  This type of acupuncture is so safe it can be self applied at home.  Usually this gadget is sold together with a map that outlines the meridians in the fingers and the organs they are associated with.

Many people pick acupuncture for its naturalistic approach to health.  Some opt for acupuncture because the Western conventional modalities failed them and they are desperate to find a way to get rid of their suffering and distress that they are willing to try a novel and radical approach.  The folly of acupuncture skeptics stems from the fact that acupuncture has treated more ailments throughout history than any type of treatment will ever do and more so that several millions of people in the present day have personally experienced the effectiveness of acupuncture in the treatment of their pain and illnesses.