Acupuncture is an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine.  It bases its principles on the belief that an energy force exists in the body that is the force that gives life.  Like blood, this energy flows throughout the body in a network of energy vessels spread throughout the body.  This energy is called chi by the Chinese and the weak flow of chi in the body causes sickness, pain and ailments.  When this happens, the symptoms of the sickness begin to manifest.

TCM practitioners believe there are specific pressure points spread across the body and underneath these points are the energy vessels where chi travels.  These points which are called acupoints are the sites where ultra fine non hollow acupuncture needles are introduced and manipulated to help treat health problems.  It is the Chinese who have developed acupuncture which has been used for over 5 thousand years to treat innumerable numbers of people throughout history of a number of conditions.

The number of acupoints in the body is in the hundreds.  The energy vessels underneath these points are called meridians and each of the major meridians associate to a particular major body organ.  By inserting a needle in a specific acupoint, the meridian underneath this point is stimulated and leads to the treatment of the sickness and the treatment of pain.

Acupuncture has a wide range of applications and it can be used for varied conditions like anxiety, depression, back pain, dental pain and headaches among others.  It can be used to help relax the patient or to help someone kick his substance abuse problem.  Examination of the pulse and tongue is a typical physical examination procedure performed by the acupuncturist on the patient.  The observed pulse rate and look of the tongue will help determine the kind of acupuncture procedure used and the acupoints to be treated.  Acupuncture is often associated with the treatment of chronic pain.

Even without any sickness you can avail of acupuncture to help you feel relaxed and comfortable.  It is a very safe procedure provided that it is performed by a qualified, experienced and skilled acupuncturist.  This procedure stimulates the production and release of endorphins which are the body’s own natural “feel good” chemicals.   The rush of endorphins in the blood can enable the person to feel wide awake or sleepy but both basically make the person feel refreshed after the session.  Acupuncture can treat the effects of sleep deprivation and enables you to get good and adequate sleep.

Western medical science can’t seem to find the mechanics that make acupuncture work.  The widely held theory is that acupuncture stimulates muscle and nerve tissue that results in long term or even permanent health benefits.  Even the latest medical technology is insufficient to prove empirically that acupuncture can treat nausea and migraines even though a lot of patients have obviously been treated of their nausea and migraine problems with acupuncture.