Chinese foods are extremely beneficial to health as they are considered to have medicinal value and healing powers and promote longevity. Preparing the Oriental cuisine requires a good deal of experience and knowledge. It uses no milk based ingredients such as cheese, butter, or cream and is cooked with poly unsaturated oils. It also uses meat but to avoid high levels of cholesterol and animal fat, meat is not used in excess. This type of cuisine is called authentic Chinese food, which is usually delectable but still ideal for good health. Chinese food usually includes vegetables, noodles, and rice.

There is also a special way of serving Chinese food. More often than not, you need to slice the food into small cuts before serving, and at the dining table, there are no knives set. It is very important to get the right combination of things like condiments and herbs. The food should be enjoyed and eaten in peace and served in tempting in texture and color. One can select from a wide range of dishes having various nutritional value. Vegetable, beef or chicken are a great combination. You can also serve sesame chicken, broccoli and beef, or cashew beef or chicken in lieu of fried dishes. These servings are extremely nutritious while traditional dishes (such as lo mien) has noodles that are soaked in carbohydrates, fats, and oil and are not good for health.

To avoid carbohydrates and high levels of cholesterol, eat brown rice instead of fried rice. Additives that are oftentimes used in Chinese food such as soy sauce are high in sodium content. We all know that too much intake of sodium is not good for the health and so you may need to avoid using too much soy sauce. You can eat steamed dishes and vegetables that’s been stir fried with no or little oil. Eat a healthy diet comprising of dishes that are vegetable-based along with steamed rice and some sauces to help lessen fat calories.

In conclusion, a healthy Chinese food is one that’s low in salt, and filled with lots of vegetables like snow peas. You restaurant of choice will determine the quality of food you eat. The manager or the waiter can also assist you with the kind of dishes sold and their nutritional value. So, choosing the right things to eat and the right place to eat are two very important aspects in the search for good health and well-being.

Cindy Chamberlain is a licensed acupuncturist of Eastern Healing Solutions, LLC in Overland Park, KS.