In Chinese medicine in Miami, the triple burner is an energetic system that is not associated with any organ system as it is not an anatomical organ; it’s rather an energy system or energy control “organ” made up three distinct energy channels whose responsibility is to balance and regulate the energy systems of the body.

There are three body areas that make up the triple burner: the first is the lower burner (that is considered cool in nature) and made up of the sexual organs, the bladder, and the small and large intestines. The second is the middle burner that’s comprised of the spleen, pancreas, stomach, kidneys, and liver and is considered warm. The third is the upper burner that controls the lungs and heart, and is considered hot.

Extremely vital for balancing the temperatures of the body’s three centers, the triple burner functions in bringing cool energy up to the upper center through the digestive tract and sending hot energy down to the lower center. This induces a relaxing deep sleep and lots of people have testified that their sleeping difficulties were cured by practicing this sound prior to sleep. The triple burner can also be an effective reliever of stress. This energy system is not associated with any emotion, color or season.

The first breathing exercise from the “Eight Pieces of Brocade” can help balance the triple burner. It’s used to help control and modulate heartbeat. According to Chinese medicine, every time a person raises his arms above his head while breathing out causes his chi to go down or descend which cools the fire (the fire organ is the heart) and help slow down his heartbeat. It may also be used help relieve some common illnesses such as dizziness, nausea, and headaches. After sprinting, runners are often seen raising their arms and putting them on top of their heads. They do this because some of them have found that it helps slow down their heartbeat after a strenuous exercise while the others do this act reflexively.

The Triple Burner Sound

The triple burner sound is an extremely simple sound to make. It’s similar to the word “He” although the “e” sound is lengthened for the rest of the breath. The sound of the triple burner goes like this: “Heeeeeee”. When you compare the triple burner sound with the other sounds, it should be uttered “sub vocally” or very softly, which means one needs to open his mouth only to breath out and as appears like making the sound, but actually without vocalizing the sound or vibrating his vocal chords. This sound can help normalize the heartbeat, as mentioned before, and is often used by Chinese martial artists to help slow down their heartbeat after a strenuous exercise or either after or during a fight.

To cure insomnia, lie down flat on your back and imagine feeling a large roller gently pressing on your breath, starting at the top of your chest and ending at your lower stomach as you start to make the Heeeee sound, visualize the chest and stomach as flat as a piece of paper and feeling empty, bright, and light. Do this exercise three to six times, or more if you’re still awake. This is also the most common way to practice this sound and they can be done anytime as with all the sounds, except right after a meal. After eating, the only sound that should be done is the (whoooo) or spleen sound.

Practice Everyday

Try practicing the Six Healing Sounds every day. They work best during sleeping time because they cleanse the excess fire chi helping to relax and calm your body and helping slow down your heartbeat which that prepares your mind and body for a good night’s sleep. Practicing all the six sounds only takes ten to fifteen minutes, that is, once you’ve learned the procedure.

Right after a strenuous exercise, you can also practice the triple burner sound as well as the other five sounds. Try practicing these sounds after an exercise that generates lots of heat in the brain and heart (upper burner).

Whenever you practice the healing sounds, make it a point to do them in the following order: (Ssssss) for the Lung sound, (Wuuuuu) for the Kidney sound, (Shhhhh), for the Liver sound, (Hawww), for the Heart sound, (Whooooo), for the Spleen sound and (Heeeee), for the Triple Burner sound. Increase the sound that corresponds to a specific organ if you feel its symptoms are bothering you without needing to go through the whole sequence.

You may allow yourself to only practice the Kidney and Lung sounds if you are pressed for time or very tired.

The positive effects of these sounds do not completely depend upon their exact pronunciation. In reality, there are several versions of the Six Healing Sounds that have been generated over hundreds of years. Mandarin, Cantonese and all the major languages of China as well as the Taoists and Buddhists and the other various groups have devised each of their own variations of these healing sounds without reducing an iota of their efficacy.

This is so because in music, there can be an infinite number of frequencies that can harmonize to produce a chord – in regard to the healing sounds, the same principle applies. Certain variations tend to be more effective than others, but they all are extremely effective nonetheless. According to the experience of the author, the variation of the Six Healing sounds presented in this article is the most effective.