Acupuncture Orlando is an ancient healing art practiced in China and East Asia as a means to enable the body to heal itself.  This treatment believes that the body is capable of healing and protecting itself from external factors by maintaining the energy balance in the body.

The ancient Chinese had already some concept of the immune system thousands of years ago and argued that each person possess some sort of energy field that incorporated life energy – energy that causes life.  By maintaining the strength and health of this field, the body remains likewise strong.  Other cultures also possess this kind of belief and the energy that enables life.  This energy is called by different names in different cultures but is more popularly known by its Chinese name: Qi or chi.

Chi, in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), flows unimpeded throughout the body nourishing and energizing the whole body via invisible energy networks called meridians.  External and internal factors such as physical and mental stress and certain negative influences can cause the rise of impediments in the meridians stagnating or stopping the flow of chi; this event causes the undernourished parts of the body to weaken leading to sickness and disease.  Many body systems can be affected by chi stagnation; one of them is the immune system.  The latter’s poor state makes the body susceptible to common diseases, which further reduces the health of the person. Acupuncture, is about the use of reed-thin needles inserted in the skin at specific sites called acupuncture points or acupoints to remove blockages in the meridians to allow chi to flow unimpeded once more.  A slight prickly sensation may be felt as the needles are inserted into the skin, the sensation then turns into a pleasant one, likened to a deep tissue massage, when the effect of the treatment set in.

Oftentimes, a burst of emotional vitality is also experienced from patients of acupuncture.  While there is no empirical proof of chi or imbalances in the body of it, what is observed is that the nervous system is stimulated in a way that helps to counteract ailments and pain.  For example, when acupuncture is applied at a certain acupoint, this stimulates the nervous system to relax stiff muscles.

One of the best benefits of acupuncture is that it very rarely causes side effects, and if it does only very mild ones.  In this aspect, it is far superior to prescription medications, which harbor toxins serious enough to cause debilitating side effects to the body.  Furthermore, acupuncture addresses the underlying conditions that cause the symptoms, not just the symptoms alone, which cannot be said of pharmaceutical medications.  Acupuncture rarely does leave a needle mark and can even be applied for cosmetic purposes, i.e. facial rejuvenation.