There are five basic classifications of taste in the Five Element Nutrition & Diet: spicy, sweet, bitter, sour, and salty. What a specific food tastes like determines what organ(s) are going to benefit from the nourishment being provided; on the other hand, when one has a strong desire for a specific taste, that’s a sign that the organ associated with that taste is weak and needs to be balanced.

The Five Flavors/Tastes of a balanced diet includes foods that combine the five tastes: Spicy/Sweet/Bitter/Sour/Salty

Learning and Balancing Tastes

When a meal combines as many of the Fives tastes as possible, the person eating it is well on his way developing good digestion, which is a sign of good health.

All five tastes need to be included to ensure that each meal you eat is “balanced.” Be conscious of your craving for sweet foods in the morning. “Sweet” is the flavor affiliated with your digestive organs, and eating excessive amounts of sweet food during breakfast can adversely impact your digestion.

The craving for sweet is a sign that your digestive system is in need of help. Cravings for the other tastes may suggest the need to strengthen and rebalance the organ systems associated with those tastes.

When you have an empty stomach, don’t eat anything sweet. This may include naturally “sweet” foods such as fruit and bread not to mention foods loaded with refined sugar. Be sure to eat first a more complex food when you do want to eat something sweet.

If you have an ongoing craving for sweets, eat more protein. Help bring the pancreas back into balance by eating complex foods that prevent the sugar lows and highs that can result in hypoglycemia and eventually diabetes.

Balanced and healthy food choices, Chinese herbal medicine, acupressure, and Orlando acupuncture can help strengthen and restore balance to your organs, and bolster your overall experience of wellbeing.