Gua Sha therapy is performed on the limb, torso, and head as a way to detoxify the body. But do you realize that Gua Sha can also be used on the face?

Similar to Orlando acupuncture except done minus the use of intrusive needles, Gua Sha therapy is made up of techniques that can revitalize, restore, and balance the energy system in your body and can help eliminate pathogenic factors.

For over 25 centuries, this healing technique has been continuously practiced by the Chinese. As with qi gong and acupuncture, Gua Sha Therapy is well known for generating positive energy, and has the ability to address aesthetic problems.

Gua Sha Therapy – The Benefits

Using its technique of stimulating and warming the aging parts of your face, Gua Sha therapy is especially helpful for energy deficient and weakened people.

It’s an extremely used form of facial revitalization treatment and its benefits include:

• Stimulation of healthy collagen
• Immune system reinforcement
• Elimination of wrinkles
• Treatment of rosacea and acne
• Increase of metabolism and promotes blood circulation and
• A radiant complexion
• Tightening up of sagging neck or face
• Enhancement of lymphatic drainage in the neck and facial areas
• Treatment of eye bags and dark circles
• Decrease in age spots and discoloration
• Youthful face and neck contours
• Elimination of blood stasis
• Stimulation of Chi

Gua sha is also effective, provides quick outcomes, and is easy to learn.

How Does One Apply Gua Sha?

The scraping technique releases toxins by strengthening chi flow and lymph drainage. These toxins can then be expelled from the body resulting in the increased supply of nutrient to the facial area.

Gua Sha therapy fosters skin revitalization from the inside out. Add essential oils and firming creams that’s comprised of grapeseed oil, olive oil, rosemary, juniper, black pepper, thyme, and ginger to directly distribute therapeutic essences and nutrients to the skin. Just a couple of drops are enough to cover the entire face. Only if you face feels dry do you need to add more.

Does Gua Sha therapy Have Any Side effects?

A holistic form of therapy, Gua Sha can revitalize, balance, and restore your skin minus the use of painful cosmetic surgery need restore and treat your skin problem without the aid of microdermabrasion, chemical acids, painful cosmetic surgery or Botox drug injection. It has no side effects and is very safe to use.

Specific holographic points, meridians and acupoints on your body and face are scraped.

Based on the holographic meridian principle of traditional Chinese medicine, the human face has energy channels that directly connect nine out of 14 meridian pathways in the body.

The Tools Used in Gua Sha Therapy

The body is gently scraped using Gua Sha tools made of animal horns, jade, soup spoons, and metal spoon. Even a fifty cent coin or any rounded edged instrument may be also used.


In order to optimize your gua sha treatment, you need to stay hydrated throughout the day and drink warm water after the treatment.

You also need to rest for at least one day so that the toxins can ease out of your body.

If you don’t drink enough fluids to flush out the toxins from your body or if you can’t follow the treatment steps mentioned above, you may you feel sick as you did before.