A beefed up immune system is a great benefit to any person’s body. From surviving or enduring serious illnesses to guarding the body against viruses and bacteria, a strong immune system can positively influence quality of life issues of a lot of people. How can a person guarantee that he is doing all that he could to boost his immune system and give his body the best chance for health? To encourage immunity build up against disease and illness, there are many different ways a person can do it: exercise, a healthy diet, and alternative therapies such as acupressure.

With its roots in Chinese medicine, acupressure makes use of a trained therapist’s stimulation using special instruments, or his knuckles and fingertips to stimulate the various acupoints in a person’s body. Applying pressure on specific points can banish pain and stress as it promotes neurological flow to various tissues, glands, and organs helping return the body to a state of well being and health.

Even outside the alternative medical community, there are many adherents of acupressure and today even traditional medical physicians recommend the therapy along with acupuncture, and massage therapy to resolve symptoms and manage pain.

The following conditions can be treated with acupressure:

• Sex, food, alcohol, and drug addictions
• Skin conditions
• Arthritis
• Sciatica
• Asthma
• Migraines
• Back and body pain
• Infertility
• Circulatory conditions
• Fibromyalgia
• Anxiety, depression, and other mental and emotional problems

Acupressure is a very safe healing technique so much so that even seriously ill patients and pregnant women can safely avail of the treatment to promote well-being and health. In fact, acupressure can be a drug-free and safe way for women seeking to alleviate pain experienced during labor and child delivery.

This therapy has the edge of being medication-free and non-invasive, which implies patients can escape negative side effects and the huge expense related to conventional Western medical therapies. This is the reason acupressure is a holistic type of medicine that emphasizes the curing of disease at its source instead of merely resolving the symptoms.

While acupressure is becoming more and more commonly used to reinforce the immune system, many people think of it as a way to relieve a specific condition or symptom. It can aid people struggling with chronic disease and illness or provide them with a boost to heal and overcome health issues.

Diseases such as allergies, sinusitis, and candida infections can all be significantly bolstered through acupressure’s ability to regulate the immune system. Some patients may derive excellent health benefits and results with acupressure alone, while others may choose to use it alongside other holistic remedies and treatments. A holistic practitioner in Edina or physician can help determine the best combination of therapies to help you with your own specific condition and situation.