Chua K’a Massage was first developed by ancient Mongolian warriors, and was introduced in America through the work of Oscar Ichazo and the Arica Institute. This type of massage works on the theory that the body houses the memory of pain long after the healing of a wound. Knowing that not removing the memory of an injury made their bodies weaker and made them live in fear, the ancient Mongolian warriors utilized Chua K’a Massage to the areas of trauma to restore their wisdom, courage, and health of their bodies.

Chua K’a was initially used as a self massage. Using their hands as tools, practitioners helped liberate their bodies from injury, fatigue, and stress. After a person has performed Chua K’a on his body for several hours, he may experience a feeling that’s both profound and cathartic without any sensation of pain. By awakening the Spirit Body, the massage can bring about states of ecstasy and restore awareness to zones that were previously dormant. Various emotional fears are also set free with each Zone of the body. Chua K’a is highly recommended as an ideal form of deep skeletal-muscular therapy. The following are some of the problems that can be treated by this self massage technique:

• Frozen shoulder and shoulder pain
• Issues with grounding
• Old wounds that never felt totally healed
• Loss of range of movement and neck pain
• Lack of self acceptance and self awareness
• Indigestion
• Leg and foot pain
• Fear of failing and fear of dying
• Breathing difficulties
• Back aches

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