This is article meant to be a self-administered therapy solely recommended for adults with non-stop eye blinking problem.

The acupuncture point that’s recommended for treatment of non-stop eye blinking is located at the back of the palm of the person’s right hand. When measured vertically, that’s about 1.5 cm from the intersection point (that becomes more visible when the fingers are loosely closed together) between the forefinger and the thumb in the ‘fleshy’ area of the hand.

When it has been identified, the acupoint is marked accordingly. The person can then open his hand once again. He can sit down, and at then time press onto the surface of that acupoint (applying not strong but mild pressure) using any long blunt-pointed object such as a writing pen or a plain toothpick that’s held in place by the person’s against for up to two hours. It’s much preferable to do this procedure at night before you go to sleep. I would that you to consult with a licensed acupuncturist in Edina if you are eager to find out the precise spot of that specific acupoint.

One should be reminded that a good night’s sleep throughout the period of treatment is important for optimal healing to take place. The patient should not once more associate himself/herself with the root reasons such as too much excessive caffeine, over-straining of the eyes, allergy, and over dosage of certain drugs (that causes muscle spasms side effects) that in turn causes the eye to blink non-stop.