For Female Sexual Dysfunction

You can take the corresponding measures to help prevent female sexual dysfunction.

You need to care for your overall health – This means your physical, mental and emotional health.

Constantly communicate with your partner about your desires and needs.

Know intimately your own methods and patterns of sexual arousal. You can try masturbation if you so desire.

Be aware that besides you a lot of women do not always experience orgasms during sexual intercourse. One of the best and most satisfying types of sexual activity is one the gives mutual pleasure which can further bolster sexual intimacy in a couple.

Apply the proper lubrication for your vagina if your vagina is dry. A dry vagina is one of the most common reasons of painful sex.

Delight in closeness and tenderness – Do not anticipate great sexual performance

Masturbation or being sexually active with your partner keeps your vagina healthy.  Having sexual intercourse on a regular basis keeps vaginal tissues from shrinking and preserves vaginal elasticity.

For Male Sexual Dysfunction

To help prevent male sexual problems, the following suggestions can be recommended:

Stop smoking – Doing this can help you avoid getting diabetes, high cholesterol level and high blood pressure. These conditions can affect in a big way circulation of blood throughout the body including the penis.

Stop or avoid using recreational drugs and alcohol – These substances have a way of lowering your sexual desire or weakening your sexual performance.

Talk to your pharmacist or doctor about the side effects of medicines. If the cause of your sexual dysfunction is your medications, ask your doctor for an alternative that has sexual side effects. Never attempt to change your medicines without your doctor’s guidance and approval.

Perform regular exercise, eat a healthy diet, and always get adequate sleep

Emily Farish is a licensed acupuncturist in Spokane, WA and the founder of Emily Farish Acupuncture.