Based on statistics provided by the Human and Health Services department of the US, 70 percent of illnesses can be prevented, yet most individuals are unaware how can this be achieved. Gym workouts and aerobic exercises western-style, are not enough to make one really healthy. Most workouts are designed to enhance endurance and build muscles; however, in Qi Gong, the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical elements of a person are all taken into account. Qi Gong has so many benefits that it is practiced across the world by millions of people and has been integrated into the national health care system of China.

There are several health reasons in which Qi Gong is used: to expand the intellect and mind, to extend longevity and promote youthfulness, to cultivate internal force, to boost vitality, for self-development, and for health and wellbeing. The graceful and slow movements during personal practice along with mental focus and calm breathing are designed to raise as well as balance the Chi or life energy of a person. The advantages of exercise massively increase when focused intention and breathing techniques are included in physical movement. Therefore, qi gong can be an ideal way to lose weight and maintain fitness. It can be totally customized tailored to suit your needs from intricate dynamic sequences and workouts to simple meditation and non-intensive movements. Based on how one practices it, qi gong can be extremely relaxing or quite invigorating. It establishes confidence and self-esteem, enhances balance and coordination, and provides a person with a general sense of well-being. And since the movements demand coordination between left and right limbs, it balances the left and right regions of the brain. Combined with breathing techniques, the movements stimulate efficient use of oxygen for metabolism and digestion balancing.

A branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Miami, Qi Gong is considered a complementary form of medicine. The practitioner converts a person’s ‘chi’ energy into an energy for healing, treats the patient as a whole, and resolves the underlying cause of disease and illness. It increases flow of blood and boosts the immune function of the body not to mention assisting in the regulation and regeneration of the internal organs and the various bodily systems of the body. Qi gong can be used as a curative and preventative technique as well as for the treatment of stress, hypertension, diabetes, back pains, arthritis, cancer, bone balance and density, physical rehabilitation, and for overall maintenance of health. Although it may not be proven scientifically, medical studies on thousands of patients indicate that Qi Gong can lower oxygen demand, metabolic rates, pulse rates, and blood pressure. Qi gong apparently can also trigger the relaxation response of the body decreasing dopamine levels, which is responsible for neurological activity. Its thousands of years of history, a devoted following, and incredible clinical is proof enough without the science.