These days, a growing number of women have given up on Western conventional treatment in order to get well from abnormal breast symptoms. They are turning to a very old Chinese practice that science and time has proven to work. This practice is known as acupuncture. This treatment has helped prevent the rise of breast ailments in women. Acupuncture has shown to enhance the health of a woman’s breast.

When alleviating an ailment, it is believed that nerves are involved in the therapy as emotions play a huge part in the development of breast diseases. From time to time, women have a tendency to change their levels of stress and mood. This causes their Qi to thicken and turn into nodules which can cause clogging in the energy channels. The nodules increase a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer and other health disorders. A lot of them tend to get stressed on a daily basis due to their emotions which is more dominant in them compared to men. This is one reason why a lot of women, over time, tend to develop breast cancer.

When they develop, cancerous cells tend to attack the body’s normal tissues cells. The cancer can spread or metastasize when they enter the bloodstream or the lymphatic system creating in the process more cancer cells in other parts of the body. Research shows that more than 80% of breast cancer patients are past the age of 50. As they get older, women become more prone to abnormal breast symptoms.

In order to understand the symptoms and causes of breast cancer, you need to take note of the patient’s family history. Breast cancer can be due to genetics. A woman will most likely develop breast cancer if her family has a history of the disease or if anyone in her family had the disease. If your menstrual cycle started early in life or if your menopause occurred later than it normally should, you might be at a greater risk for the disease. Women who were never breastfed are also at a greater risk for the disease. Some studies show that certain women who underwent hormone substitution treatment also have a high chance of developing breast cancer.

Not all lumps in the breast are cancerous so if you feel a lump on your breast, do not fret. Still, it is very much recommended that you consult with your doctor and have yourself properly evaluated. You need to undergo a monthly check up of your breast especially when you are getting old in order to avoid the possibility of developing breast cancer. Have yourself examined for tumors and cysts that might develop in your breast. Monitor any changes in your breast or any development of lump on your armpits or breasts. If you see changes in these areas or changes in the size of your nipples, you need to see your doctor for evaluation.

Make sure that you get breast cancer treatment during its early stage in order to improve the chances of completely cure. Symptoms can be treated with acupuncture especially those that cause pain. Acupuncture can also be helpful in purging the toxins caused by chemotherapy as well as helpful in the relief of side effects of this very harmful “therapy.” Acupuncture treatment uses needles that are stuck into the skin to relieve physical pain and emotional strain. The needles help maintain or restore the normal the flow of energy in the body.

Danielle DeVivo is a licensed acupuncturist in Saratoga Springs, NY with advanced training in modern acupuncture techniques and traditional Asian therapies.