There are cases when rashes can result in extraneous health complications. Infection of the skin caused by relentless itching is the most typical clinical issue brought by rashes. The other kinds of complications of rashes include:

Medical Complications

Infections – People suffering from rashes are susceptible to skin infection like impetigo. When rashes are caused by viral or bacterial infection like herpes simplex or staphylococcal infection, the itching compels the sufferer to keep on scratching the affected skin until eventually the skin breaks enabling the virus and bacteria to enter the body.  When you see symptoms of fever blisters, cold sores, pus-filled bumps and redness in your rashes, then it’s time to talk to your doctor about these symptoms.

Neurodermatitis – This is a skin anomaly caused by repetitive itching resulting in the darkening, tenderness, reddening and thickening of the skin.

Skin discoloration – Some type of rashes can lead to thickening and permanent discoloration of the skin. Scarring of the skin happens when the skin is exposed to repetitive scratching.

Lifestyle Disruption

Loss of self-confidence – A lot of children and adults suffering from rashes often complain of self-consciousness and embarrassment from their physical symptoms. Getting the right treatment and minimizing stress can keep the rashes under control. There are also support groups that provide morale boosters for the sufferer. The National Eczema Association is one such group that can help you get through your life when suffering from severe kinds of rashes.

Physical activity discomfort – Intensive workouts cannot be possible because sweating can develop rashes that make you extremely itchy all over your body. To overcome this complication, you can dress in layers that can help your body to cool down even when you’re working out. If you have a flare up of rashes, you may need to temporarily forego your exercise until the flare up subsides.

Eye complications – Severe rashes in the body can also lead to eye problems which can even cause permanent loss of sight. Severe rash complications can cause itching around the eyelids causing you to constantly scratch your eyes. Eye complications because of severe rashes can manifest in symptoms like sore eyes, blehparitis and watering of the eye. When these appear, it is best to see your doctor for treatment of these complications.

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