One of the most potent means for nourishing longevity and staying young is Qi Gong. But how does it work?

Qi Gong Generate Suppleness and Internal Strength

Qi Gong is different from conventional Western exercise by the fact that it trains the body’s energy to stimulate internal organs to extend youthful appearance and facilitate balanced health.

The spleen, according to the Chinese medicinal system, is believed to control the muscles of the body. Some movements in Qi Gong activate the spleen organ system and its related meridians or energy channels. So, your muscles become more youthful helping remove wrinkles (more so in the facial muscles) and making your skin supple when you perform Qi Gong movements that focus on the spleen.

Likewise, increased amounts of oxygen enter the blood since Qi Gong movements also entail deep breathing techniques which lead to the rejuvenation of the internal organs on a cellular level.

And finally, on an energetic level, Jing or essential energy is believed to reside in the kidneys and is responsible for youthfulness. Through Qi Gong movements, the kidneys’ energy of can be nourished. This is the reason why a lot of Qi Gong masters possess very healthy kidneys that don’t seem to age with time.

Producing Juvenile Brain Cells

The University of California did a research and found a stronger pumping of blood occurred inside the brain when qi is generated by Qi Gong masters.

Brain cells are more nourished when there is a greater perfusion of blood to the brain. This helps prevent the rise of mental and cognitive issues related to aging like dementia. Thus, the brain and mind can be kept vibrant and young when you perform Qi Gong regularly.

Thwarts Issues that Age the Body Prematurely

You can experience higher levels of relaxation whenever you perform Qi Gong movements. Therefore, among people practicing Qi Gong, health conditions brought on by stress like specific forms of immunity imbalances, high blood pressure, and premature graying, rarely or sometimes never occurs.

Treats and Manages Problems that Age the Body

The circle walking movements in Qi Gong is used as a therapeutic means for people with cancer. This activity has been shown to contribute greatly to the prevention of premature aging and cellular break down. Some Qi Gong practitioners use a unique form of circle walking Qi Gong movements to help facilitate rejuvenation and enhance relaxation that help heal patients with cancer.

Nourishes the Body and Spirit

Through movement and meditation Qi Gong can enable a linkage with a higher power. A University of California research demonstrated that spiritual practices can strengthen the immune system of people.

So, as a spiritual exercise, Qi Gong has much to contribute in helping maintain the balance of the immune system that can prevent the rise of conditions like rheumatoid arthritis typically related to the aging process.

Produces Youthful Bones

There are two ways in how the bones are nourished by Qi Gong. First, it reinforces the kidneys, which in Chinese medicine, is the organ believed to govern the bones. This means that our bones can have greater protection and can heal faster from osteoporosis and degeneration. Certain Qi Gong movements can also have a positive impact on the fascia and bones.

A prime example of the benefits of Qi Gong to the bones is the case of a 75 year old woman who had ankle surgery and who had been practicing Qi Gong each for several years prior to the surgery. Two weeks ahead of schedule, she had her cast removed as her bones quickly mended compared to a patient who did not practice Qi Gong and who was half her age.

To sum up, Qi Gong can facilitate longevity and youthfulness by promoting greater spiritual and mental balance and by nourishing the bones, muscles, and internal organs of the body.

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