Sore throats can really be very annoying and those who suffer from relentless sore throats should begin to find ways to stop and prevent this condition before it develops.

How Can One Stop The Rise Of Sore Throat?


To stop or prevent sore throat we need to utilize a comprehensive approach to wellness and natural health. This may entail the reduction of stress, good nutrition, fitness, and regular acupuncture checkups. Your acupuncturist can help correct any imbalance in your body that may lead to pathogen infiltration that may cause sore throat. Regular acupuncture treatments can help boost blood flow in your body, balance and normalize the function of all your body systems and boost your immune system, which can make you more resilient to microorganisms that may lead to sore throat or other bacterial or viral conditions.

Besides acupuncture, there are also several other alternatives that can help prevent or at least soothe a sore throat. The really good therapies are the ones that can stop the condition at the source. Therefore, drugs are excluded in the list because besides failing to address the underlying cause of the problem, they only mask the symptoms and have potentially adverse side effects. One very good treatment to consider is herbal therapy. Listed below are some good recommendations to help soothe the extremely sore throat symptoms. However, you should remember that what works for you may not be as effective for others. It’s also important to note that children have dosages that are much lower to those allowed for adults. This is to rule out any counter-indications.

1. Echinacea – The purple cornflower echinacea purpurea is one type of herb has healing properties that is widely known. Herbal practitioners agree that this herb strengthens the immune system, enabling the body to recover faster from flus and colds that often accompany a sore throat. One to two 400 mg tablets or capsules twice a day is recommended. If you’re taking it in liquid form, add two to three drops of the herb and drink it as a tea or juice. For children, it can also come without the alcohol. A person suffering from an autoimmune disease should not take Echinacea and it is not recommended to take this herb for more than three weeks at a time.

2. Calendula – For dry and irritated throat, this herb in spray form can provide quick relief. Calendula spray is derived from the orange petals of the flower Calendula officinalis. It heals sore throat-related swelling and can help overcome viral infections. The alcohol derivatives in Calendula are shown to possess anti-inflammatory qualities, based on certain studies. Please follow instructions as Calendula spray comes in various strengths. It is not wise to use the spray on open wounds.

3. Tea Tree Oil – A derivative of an Australian tea plant, tree tea oil has the ability to kill pathogens such as viruses, fungi, and bacteria. It do this by spurring the production of leukocytes (white blood cells). The oil destroys microorganisms that are responsible for sore throat. One of the best features of tea tree oil is that it addresses the source of the throat pain. This herb is extremely powerful lab experiments have revealed that it can kill the very resilient strains of Staphylococcus which are bacteria that have are resistant to antibiotics.

4. Astragalus – The astralagus herb is considered a Chinese medicinal plant that has been used for millennia in China. The root of the astragalus membranaceous has healing properties that’s used for the prevention of recurring sore throats. The plant is known to strengthen the immune system. It possesses a wide range of immunopotentiating effects. People suffering from autoimmune disease you should not take Astragalus. A daily dosage is one 500-mg capsule twice or thrice a day is recommended.

5. Berries – Tea derived from the leaves of blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, or blackberry can reduce the pesky symptoms of sore throat. Tannins are chemicals that can heal throat infections and can be found in berry leaves. When heated, the can help quell the sore throat irritations. Two to four cups daily is the recommended dosage. I recommend buying dried leaves that have been organically grown in order to avoid ingesting any residual pesticide. Pregnant women should not drink berry teas as it may stimulate delivery. Stay away from these products if you are allergic to berries.

6. Garlic – This herb or spice will work wonders for your sore throat even if it may not help your social status. Garlic is a virus killer and so it is useful in helping fight throat infections caused by fungus, bacteria, and virus. It can prevent the rise of future infections by boosting and increasing the immune system. Two to five cloves each day is recommended if you have sore throat. You can eat the spice by adding it to your favorite foods. You can include garlic to salad dressings, pasta salads, soup, and to any food you love to eat. Garlic has a more powerful effect when it is eaten raw than in powder or cooked form.

7. Green tea– Green tea is extremely effective in treating sore throat symptoms. This is a powerful tea that has extremely powerful antioxidants that can prevent cellular reactions that lead to disease. The pathogens that cause sore throat are killed by green tea. Heating it can bring about extra comfort. Drink one to four cups a day. You can choose a low dosage caffeine type or a caffeine free variety if you have caffeine sensitivity.

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