In a study done in Germany in 2002, 80% of women given acupuncture and who underwent In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), around 35% of them achieved pregnancy – a 43% success rate.  The study also noted that the women who underwent IVF without acupuncture, only 21% of them got pregnant.

Acupuncture Palm Harbor is fast becoming a popular way to achieve pregnancy and a treatment for various kinds of infertility problems.  Acupuncture regulates all the physiological systems of the body including the reproductive system by improving blood flow to that system, particularly the reproductive organs.  Acupuncture normalizes and regulates the endocrine function.  It normalizes the levels of hormones in the body. This factor is especially important in fertility because a stable hormone function improves sperm count, production and quality in men as well as ovarian quality and function in women. Combined with Chinese herbal remedies, acupuncture can remove numerous painful and distressful conditions, treat infertility and also help a person quit smoking.  Herbs are to dispensed by an experienced herbologist as wrong herbs can have negative consequences on a person’s health.  Some herbs may neutralize or even reverse the efficacy of another herb in treating a condition such as infertility.

Because of its potency, literally thousands of doctors in the US now incorporate acupuncture in their treatment.  Some recommend acupuncture for their patients and give them qualified acupuncturists to consult.  A doctor needs to log at least 200-300 hours of acupuncture practice and receive certification before being qualified to perform acupuncture on their patients.  It is recommended to consult with one’s doctor first before seeing a qualified acupuncturist for any type of problem including infertility.

Individuals are required to do due diligence in selecting the right acupuncturist for their problems.  One needs to check if the acupuncturist has finished and passed the required expertise and training as mandated by the state.  Advice and recommendations coming from one’s friends, families or healthcare providers are good.  It is also advisable to research about acupuncture online to see the many benefits it can give a person.  If an acupuncturist specializes and has extensive experience in treating a condition the one is suffering from, then that acupuncturist can be a good choice for that person.   One also can shop around for a treatment that charges at a reasonable cost.  Because of its popularity, there are insurance plans that now cover acupuncture treatment costs although it is always good to carefully study the details and minutiae of the plan.  Other infertility programs can also be done with acupuncture.  Programs such as IVF encourage acupuncture therapy during or before IVF procedures so that the success rate of the program will be much higher. Even for fertility medications, acupuncture can enhance the potency of the medications to achieve conception and a healthy pregnancy.