In this article, we wish to indicate the importance of your health and how this can be seen or interpreted by a trained physician in Cleveland Chinese medicine. It is also to help you understand and seek medical help if you see or notice anything peculiar. It is recommended and often common sense to seek medical help from a trained physician or doctor before your health worsens.

The face of each human being is unique. Everyone’s face is special. Normally, the face is the first thing that people see when they meet others. The faces of people are what we associate people with and how we and they are remembered. The face is comprised of the skin, eyes, mouth, nose, forehead, and hair.

According to Chinese medicine, the organs are connected to each other. In other words, our organs all operate all as one to operate our body. The face, in Chinese medicine, is a means to disrupt a person’s body health.

The color and appearance of our eyes can mirror the health of some of the organs in our body. Trained doctors and practitioners normally examine the eyes of their patient for signs of illness or disease.

The texture and color of our skin can also show indicate how healthy it is. It takes an experienced and trained physicians to comprehend and translate that into health.

The smell of our breath as well as the color of our tongues can also indicate the state of our health. Certain colors and smells may mean that some parts of our body parts are ill or not well.

The color of one’s eyes is also an indication of one’s health. The shine in our eyes or their discoloration can imply certain health conditions or issues.

It is also advised that one regularly exercise his whole body. We must point out the whole body because every body organ and part is vital in its contribution to our overall health. If our kidneys are unhealthy our liver are not healthy either. Each of the major organs have their own specific functions and each is affected by their other. We suggest that you look after your health carefully. Don’t make excuses to avoid exercise whatever your lifestyle is.