It has been proven in medical studies that moxibustion can definitely treat childhood asthma. The question is whether moxibustion is a good treatment for the resolution of asthma in a child.

What is Moxibustion?

The healing technique of moxibustion involves the use and burning of a mugwort herb that has been rolled and shaped into a ‘cone’ or ‘cigar’ and after the herb smolders, is applied indirectly on the skin at preselected acupuncture points (acupoints). To prevent the skin from being burned, the practitioner uses a variety of protective devices, making the treatment totally safe.

Moxibustion may also entail the use of acupuncture needles heated and then inserted into the body. Afterwards a burning mugwort herb is placed on the tip of the needles to boost the therapy’s healing effects. Suspended moxibustion doesn’t require the use of needles.

In Cleveland Chinese Medicine, moxibustion has a very high rate of efficacy and success. It has been the subject of numerous of clinical trials both in China and the West.

Moxibustion Research on Childhood Asthma

In universities and hospitals in China, it has been determined that when applied to acupoints, moxibustion can successfully treat infants with asthma without the benefit of massage.

The study tested 60 infants who were suffering from asthma. They were divided randomly and equally into two groups. One group was treated with conventional moxibustion to six acupoints and the other group was treated with moxibustion plus a massage apparatus to the same six acupoints. The treatment sessions were given every day for a 3 month period.

Three months later, the moxibustion-massage apparatus group scored a 90 percent total rate of effectiveness (27/ 30 patients), while the moxibustion-only group registered an 83 percent total rate of effectiveness.

The reasearchers utilized the acupoints CV 12, CV 14, Bl 12, Bl 20, and BL 13.

Total rate of effectiveness was judged on whether the procedure led to a substantial decrease reduction of asthmatic symptoms and asthma attacks.

Based on the study, the researchers concluded that a combination Chinese medicine and new moxibustion-massage apparatus for asthma in infants led to meaningful therapeutic effects such as relief of asthma symptoms and a decrease in asthma attacks. The outcome is more superior to suspended moxibustion.

No Negative Side Effects
The research also found that moxibustion treatment resulted in no adverse side effects. No adverse effects is quite an accomplishment for a healing program This is typical for acupuncture and moxibustion.