Are you aware that a person’s internal health problem can be determined by his or her birth chart? In the branch of TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine, known as Chinese Metaphysics, the animal signs and elements of a person can diagnose health issues especially when it is mixed with a reading of the Four Pillars of Destiny (BaZi).

This article will discuss the health aspects of Ba Zi, which is taken from the birth date of a person. The BaZi birth chart, elementally speaking, can tell whether a body part or an organ is strong or weak. This is because a Ba Zi birth chart is made up of five elements based on their Yin and Yang energy. Also within this chart are twelve Animal Signs. Together, these animal signs and elements are located in branches and stems inside the four pillars of destiny.

One way to determine a person’s health status is to study his birth chart of BaZi focusing on the interaction of the elements with each other and on their strengths. A similar rule applies to the animal signs. The animal signs, however, also carry hidden stems and they all need to be considered in the general analysis.

A weakness in the water element that’s revealed in a Ba Zi birth chart can indicate a health problem associated with the kidney. A clash between the Horse and Rat in a Ba Zi birth chart can suggest an ailment of the heart. It takes advance technique, however, to make sure if such clues in a BaZi chart will really result in health problems. Collaborating factors need to be determined combined with proper consideration of the luck pillars and personal lifestyle of the person. The unhealthy aspects in the Ba Zi birth chart can be mitigated if the person lives a healthy lifestyle with proper exercise and diet. Physical observation by an experienced astrologer can also strongly support the astrologer’s analysis. For instance, if a weakness in your heart is detected based on the Ba Zi birth chart, the astrologer will also need to look at your face. Your heart is most likely weak if you have a pale face.

However, there are no guarantees that any adverse health issue discovered in the BaZi chart will come to fruition on a person’s life as his luck pillars can also make a difference. The 10 year periods of the life path of a person are his luck pillars. If an individual is going through a phase of bad luck in his life, it can accelerate into a health problem during a specifically catastrophic year.

The reading and analysis of an astrologer can provide insights into the weaknesses, strengths, and idiosyncratic traits of a person as well as the pathways to his/her future.

The astrologer may also prove Feng Shui readings that can direct and locate positive energy of a workplace or home’s immediate environment to bring harmony and success and for the occupants of a structure.

Both Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology relate to people, space, and time, the three life factors that govern luck through the actions of a person.

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